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I need some major help!! I am on an extremely small budget so my mother's church has gracelessly  allowed me to use their table and chairs. I'm doing a DIY wedding that is rustic themed, I know that fabric would be a good choice to cover the ugly plastic chairs but I can't afford to buy or rent any covers for them. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would need to see the chairs to able to give real suggestions.  This is what we did for our ceremony chairs.  We sewed them out of organza chair sashes that were only a matter of cents each.

    Overall, I don't think it makes that much of a difference, but I do understand you wanting to make chairs look pretty because they were the most pervasive element in a room.
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    Nobody will pay attention to the chairs. This is an easy thing to skip, especially since you have a tight budget.
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    Nobody will care what their chair looks like, as long as they have one. Also, when you write the thank-you note to the church, please make sure you spell 'graciously' correctly.
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    Trying to hid something ugly is like putting makeup on a pig.  It just puts emphasis on the ugly item that you are trying to pretty up.

    I would really not worry about covering the chairs or trying to do anything to them.  Your guests will not notice the chairs, they will just be happy to have a chair to sit in.  And once the men remove their jackets and place them over the backs of the chairs and the women drape their wraps and purses over the chairs then whatever decoration you did add will just be covered up.

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    Our venue has basic chairs that aren't pretty. Instead of spending tons of money on chair covers I am just using fabric to tie bows on all the chairs.
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