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My kitchen...

Smells like heaven right now!  I bought some turtle brownie mix at the grocery store today and thought I deserved a pick me up as it is now colder outside than in Fairbanks, Alaska right now.  (And the finished product is amazing!)

Re: My kitchen...

  • Oh I'm soooo jealous! I've been avoiding all treats, so right now I'm living vicariously through you. This is perfect brownie weather, too.


  • I don't usually eat sweets but I couldn't help myself...they were on sale and I had a coupon...and they had pictures on the box.  I'll eat an extra one just for you @pinkcow13 ! (The sacrifices I have to make for my fellow Knotties lol.)
  • I have been deprived of most sweets all year. I need pics and a detailed description on how amazing they are!
  • They have walnuts instead of pecans but otherwise very nice.  Plus, I love an excuse to use my stand mixer...Very tasty.  Chocolatey, just a little sprinkling of nuts and I'm fairly pleased with the caramel on top which looked prettier before I knifed it.
  • Those look delicious.. and I don't even like brownies!

    I baked bread today and it was delicious (best bread I've ever baked delicious!)!!  So my house still smells like freshly baked bread!
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