May 2014 Weddings

Caterer: Check!

So excited that I am signing a contract with a caterer next week! And its one that FI and I met with and really liked! She was able to re-work the menu to bring the price down so we can afford to use her and she's preferred with our venue, which also saves us from paying an extra fee! So much stress now relieved! 

On a not so cheery note I have had the flu and a cold for a week and its really taken a toll on me getting anything done, at my job or with the wedding! FI is going crazy trying to get financing figured out for buying a house. I did manage to start on my invitations while home sick though. But then my computer at home crashed and I have no way of printing them now! My laptop doesn't have the correct software I need to be able to print the design I picked out. But hey, I'm still on cloud 9 about the caterer!

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