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My fiance and I are looking for a DJ in the Boston/Cape Cod area that is not a typical DJ. He works in the music industry and we do not like typical Top 40 and dance music, we are more into sort of rock, punk, hardcore genres. We don't expect them to play that type of music but we would like someone that is familiar with it so they can incorporate songs when appropriate (like some Something Corporate or Dashboard Confessional) We have found a quite a few DJ services but none seem to fit our personalities. We found one guy who is in a band that used to tour on Warped Tour but unfortunately he was booked. If anyone has any ideas for DJs that don't fit the 3 personas I keep coming across (sparkly vest and YMCA,  huge speakers and fist pumping, or older gentleman who looks like he could host a game show) please please please send your knowledge my way! I'm seeing that our date is booking up FAST and we need to find a DJ ASAP! Any suggestions are appreciated and welcome! Thanks!

Thank you!!!


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