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Too hot for Oahu outdoor wedding?

I would love an outdoor wedding, on oahu, probably north shore, in the back of a beachhouse but am worried it might be too sweaty. We are planning our wedding for October 2014 but would will change it according to wearer. Any suggestions?? My sister was there for Oahu wedding and said everyone was sweaty. I'm considering changing to a local rec center maybe air conditioned?? Please
Help!! Having about 100 people.

Re: Too hot for Oahu outdoor wedding?

  • It's going to be hot no matter what time of year you get married. I was just on Oahu in December and it was 80 degrees and sunny.  The only time it cools down a bit is at night.  It also depends on the trade winds - no wind = lots of sweaty people. :)
  • Thank you for your reply! We are going to be on the beach (so maybe a little breeze), but are now considering just having a quick ceremony overlooking the beach and having the reception at maybe the koneohe bay YWCA or something with AC :)
  • Have you ever been to Hawaii?  Hawaii has fairly consistent temperatures all year round.  Hottest month are June-August with a hight of 88 but it usually gets down into the lower 70's once the sun goes down.  The humidity isn't even close to what you experience on the East coast in the summer.  If you do something outdoors I recommend getting a tent both to give your guests some shade and to have a back up rain plan.  October is the "rainy season" although event the rainy season you often get mostly sun.
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    Hawaii is super consistent weather wise, as PP's have mentioned. You can also have your wedding later in the day when it cools off a little. Try 4/5pm or later
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