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I want an "official" officiant but yet my fiance keeps offering to have someone in the family to take the class or the program (forgive me if I don't know the term) to make it intimate.  Keep in mind I've already said no to my family members doing it.... I've learned that when you depend on someone you know to do something of importance or timely that sometimes you cannot depend on them to do things the way that you want them to do it, or that they at times have their own agenda.  Help.  How can I get him to understand that this is a time where you need someone, a professional, to do these types of services?  Plus, I have one family member (I have much less family than he does) as a part of the (walking me down the isle!) ceremony and as of right now his brother-in-law is a groomsman, his nephew the ringbearer, his niece the flower girl and now he wants his sister to be the officiant.  Please - HELP! 

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    I don't know when your wedding is but if you've got time (even a month, which I'm sure you probably do) find an official officiant and take pre-marriage counseling with the person so they can get to know you two and your relationship OR if you're not into counseling then schedule some lunch dates with the officiant so then by the time of the wedding it can be more personal. Also, if you end up spending time with them then you may realize they may not be the best fit for your wedding after all.  Best of luck! 

    (I know San Antonio is pretty far away BUT Rob Mueller at Divine Redeemer Presbyterian Church is wonderful... My FI and I volunteered in San Antonio for 4 months and fell in love with him and the congregation. We're asking him this week to do our wedding in November in Michigan)
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