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Wedding website timing?

What say you, ladies?  Include with STD or with invites? 

Re: Wedding website timing?

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    I think it depends on the formality of your invitations. If you're having a very formal wedding, it looks strange to have your website letterpressed onto the invites. But if your wedding is a casual afternoon in the park, there's no reason not to have it on there.

    FTR, I am not putting my wedding website on either. FI and I have unique names and it's pretty easy to find our website just by Googling us.
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    We put it with our STDs as we have room block information and some venue information that isn't totally obvious just from Googling them. Since our wedding is during a holiday weekend, we knew there were people already planning on making our wedding part of a longer vacation - we wanted to highlight some of the local things they could do. One of the biggest thing was fireworks displays. If you're not from the immediate area, though, you wouldn't know what towns to look at for fireworks/carnivals/fairs so we wanted to make sure people had that info and could plan their trips better.


    ETA: Also, FI has a fairly common name and most people know me by my nickname (a shortened version of my first name). If you goggle his name and my nickname, you actually get someone else's wedding website. Oops!


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    I put the website on the save-the-dates, but then found out the post office stamped that barcode over it on a lot of them (even though I thought I left room specifically for it). I didn't want a url on our actual invitation, so I ended up putting a "for more information, please visit [url]" on our reception insert. I saw someone else recommend a separate business card insert with your website on it, that goes with the invitation. Had I thought of that, it would've made the reception cards look less busy. However, I don't know if some people might consider the "business cards" to be too much like the "we are registered at..." cards, which I definitely don't like. I guess it depends on how formal you want to be.

    If you're worried about timing, put it on the save-the-dates, and put "coming soon" on any part of the website you don't have ready yet. I'd say you want to make sure at least the date and locations of the ceremony and reception are up by the first time people check it out, but the hotel info, etc. doesn't need to be up until actual invitations go out. Just make sure you update the website as soon as you know that info.

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    I put it on the save the dates, because most of our guests are from out of town and i wanted them to have access to the hotel block and other travel information as early as possible so that they could start making arrangements.


    I also put it on one of our invitaton inclusion cards - the one with the hotel block information.  Our travel info page includes helpful information about the airport, and the easiest ways to get from the airport to the city, and more detailed descriptions of the hotels and their price points.  So i figured that would be helpful.

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    thanks for the thoughts-
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    We put ours on our STD. My family is coming from all over and we want them to have the hotel information when we send out the very first STD months before the wedding. 
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    If you do put the website on the STD please make sure that the website is complete (meaning no blank pages or only half done) when they go out.  I have received many a STD with the website listed and then I go to check out the website only to find that nothing has been added or there is a lot of blank pages.  That makes me think then what the heck is the point of having the website if you aren't going to fill it in.

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