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Honeymoon planning

My future father I law has asked us to pick a place for a honeymoon all he asks is that we try and pick something all inclusive. I've never planned a vacation in my life so I need help. Is there a way to search resorts by type and by all inclusive without using a honeymoon planner? And by type I mean nature related. We aren't beachy type of people. We would prefer something in the mountains or country side. Preferably somewhere that isn't too expensive and allows fishing for my hubbs. Do any of you know somewhere like that or know of any websites or apps that allow you to search that way.

I tried tripadvisor and it didn't really allow me to search by all inclusive or attractions. So far in my search I've only found blackberry farms in Tennessee and it's a tad out of our price range even though it's absolutely beautiful.

Re: Honeymoon planning

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    I looked on Groupon under "Getaways" and they had some all inclusive resorts listed on there. A lot of them were for beach resorts but there were a few that have different locations. You might just want to try to narrow down a city, state, or country you'd like to visit then start looking at resorts that are available in that location.
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    Have you searched or posed this question on the honeymoon board? There used to be some very travel-savvy women on this board, but most of them don't come around anyone. Honeymoon board has probably tackled this issue a few times.

    If you're thinking of staying in Texas, have you considered Austin or the Hill Country? You could narrow your search to resorts in those areas and then look for the inclusions you want. Same for if you want to go somewhere like Colorado and stay at a ski resort.



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