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Almost got completely ripped off. Be careful knotties!

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This probably goes without writing, but make sure you have got the rates of SEVERAL officants. I live in Charlotte and visted Charleston last week thinking I had met my officiant. Well, I started reseraching more of her prices, and others, and realized we were getting ripped off! $200 for 25 chairs on the beach and $375 for the additonal 2nd hour of photography. I was assuming that every officiant charged $500 for marrying us and THAT'S it. No bells. No whistles. It was going to be me, my fiance and our immediate family on the beach. That's it!

So please brides, I know this has been on here before, but you can't get enough quotes! I almost wasted my wedding budget on this woman. I've seen this subject talked about on here before. We got to watch out for eachother. Good luck, ladies!

Re: Almost got completely ripped off. Be careful knotties!

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    Officiants in Charleston are pretty expensive - my friend got married there a few years ago and I remember her stressing about the cost. But you can have a friend get ordained online for pretty cheap and they can do it. If you have a close friend willing to say a few words and ask if you both "do", I'd recommend that route. That's what we decided to do and we're so excited about it!
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