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Snowmageddon 2014

Anyone else in the Oregon area?  We're having our winter "storm" right now....I'm feeling cooped up in my condo, even though I probably walked a mile or so today, going to the grocery store, and walking to the gym by my house to find my boyfriend's wallet he dropped in the snow yesterday.

Didn't go to work today, left early yesterday.  Slid a few times on the way home, but made it ok.  I'm a little upset because I don't get sick days at work (I work for a very small business) and only 5 vacations days, so no pay for me for a few days...  Overall we probably will get 5-8 inches of snow, not too much compared to other places in the country, but I'll be stuck at home at least through early Sunday.  So I'm just trying to keep myself busy, doing taxes, cleaning, watching movies.

Anyways, I'm rambling, can you tell cabin fever is setting in?  Entertain me!

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