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GTKY: Wedding Date Choice

Hi Ladies,

For this session of GTKY, let's do... how/why you and your FI chose your wedding date! 

Re: GTKY: Wedding Date Choice

  • We are going with 7/4/15 because his best man is in the Air Force and we want to do everything possible to get him here and one of his cousins will just be home from afghanistan so we thought it would be a good way to get everyone together to see him for the first time in 18 months. And finally because my maid of honor lives in Louisiana and I wanted to make sure she had plenty of time to get here. :) and summer in the Finger Lakes cannot be beat!
  • We're both teachers in a remote isolated location so we pretty much had no other choice than to do the wedding in July while we're on summer vacation and can host the wedding closer to family. We chose the 18th in the long run because it was late enough in the month to give us time to prepare when we travel down for the summer at the end of June, but early enough that we can take a honeymoon if we want before heading back to work mid august.
  • I realized I never answered... (GTKY is something we do on TB, and I thought it could be interesting as we'll be planning our weddings together)

    We wanted 7/31 as it was Harry Potter day; it's ironic as my FI as been called that since he was 10 (he looks way too much like the one from the American book covers--it's actually very annoying when we're out and people comment on it). We had joked about it, but when time came to pick a date in the summer and to avoid all other anniversaries/birthdays, it worked out. We chose the year since it's on a Friday in 2015, and we have a lot of out of town guests so a Thursday (2014) wouldn't work. We started dating 7/11 so we wanted to have a date in the summer to be close to it.

  • My FI and I are both teachers and when we were going through the year, we realized that the summer is most convenient. I am getting married on the cape and july 4th weekend was too crowded and expensive. We decided that July 10th was the best day to get married. I can't wait!
  • My birthday is in July (Independence Day) and my daughter's birthday is in July as well so I figured why not make July a month of celebrations! Plus, I thought 7/11 was just a pretty cool and memorable date.

    Not to hijack the thread but I was just wondering if anyone considered Friday July 3rd? My hubby-to-be posed this idea to me after visiting venues this weekend and seeing how many places offer Friday discounts. (But since my birthday is the day after maybe he is trying to make sure he never forgets our anniversary, lol.)
  • July 2-3rd was recently discussed on the etiquette board actually, although it was for a 2014 wedding, not a 2015 wedding. The big consensus came off as making sure it is convenient for your guests with holidays and time off. My view is that since it is a friday in 2015, it might be okay, but a lot of places that require people to work on Saturdays (including the 4th) will probably take issue with your guests taking off the 3rd if they are not working the 4th. A LOT of places give friday night discounts when it comes to weddings.

    FWIW, I have a friend getting married 7/11 this year, a friend's birthday is that day, and it's mine and FI's anniversary :) 
  •  @amrhodes23 Thank you for your feedback!

    The thought never even crossed my mind to consider a Friday wedding, I felt it would be an inconvenience regardless. I think he was just going for the whole extended weekend thing thinking that maybe guests would not mind taking the day off since the holiday is the next day.  I think I'm pretty set on July 11th though [and how cool is it that you have so many siginificant events that day already, yes pass the good luck over this way! :-) ]


  • @MzJTyree I'll make sure to pass the luck for that day your way! :)

    I, myself, am having a Friday wedding, but that works for my limited guest list. However, it's not for everyone. Just think, if you have traveling guests, they don't have to travel during the holiday for a 7/11 wedding, either! (Airline tickets are SO pricey then :/ )
  • We picked 7/11 because ALL of my family is traveling from out of town, so I wanted to have it on a Saturday to give them time to travel. We also had to do a summer wedding because he will be in school when we get married, and his grandparents wouldn't be able to travel to a winter wedding. My fiancé thought 7/11 would be an easy anniversary for him to remember, since it is on free Slurpee Day! I'm so in love with my date. 
  • 7/11 is an awesome date and people will remember it.... I know because it is my birthday and I picked 7/10 because I didnt want to get married on my bday
  • We picked 7/24 because that is when we started dating in 2006 :)
  • We picked 7.18 because that will be our 3 year anniversary and we both wanted a summer wedding on a Saturday night.
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    We've not picked our final date yet but we picked July in general because it's summer, and we want a beach wedding that won't be a complete wash out (we can deal with a little bit of rain). It's also a good amount of time after gay weddings become legal in Scotland, so hopefully wedding-y shops and things will be able to deal with us better than if we got married just after it will be legal. We're thinking about having it on the 17th because that would have been my Dad's birthday (he died when I was fourteen) and its also my FI's paternal grandparent's 50th anniversary, and that's the last time there was a interracial wedding in either of our families (which is what we will be).

    But we've not booked anything yet, so we'll have to see.
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  • We picked July 18th because it was the only evem-numbered and earliest summer date we saw available. Does that sound stupid? Lol
    Ryan's birthday is July 15th and so it also seemed like a good weekend to celebrate his birthday and he knew he'd never forget our future anniversaries.
    That explains the meaning of the date, as far as the month and why we chose July...because in June both my sisters have birthdays, in Sept my mum and his sister have birthdays the same date, Oct my dad and his mom have birthdays. May our son, niece and nephew have birthdays, and in December my daughter and I have birthdays the week of Christmas. Ryan said he'd like to share his birthday month with an event too lol.
  • We picked July 11th because it's the anniversary of the day we met. That it's summer and when people are usually traveling also helped. Originally we were thinking July 2016 so that I wouldn't have to plan while in grad school, but being able to (finally) get married on our 7th anniversary was just so perfect, and unfortunately the 11th is a Monday in 2016.
  • 7/18 , because it's far enough away from the 4th that it won't be too expensive for the hotel/flights. Also, a lot of our friends and family work in a school, so they'll all be on break.
  • We're tentatively planning July 17th. I'm a shore girl and have always wanted a beach wedding. It works for us because he's off in the summer, and I will be between jobs so we'll have plenty of time to spend the whole week before with our out of town family. (His family and my brother are 6 hr flights away so they'll be coming for a whole week and making a vacation out of it) Because practically everyone is coming from so far we didn't think a Friday would be a problem since people will be taking off from work anyway. It was fortunate we were cool with a Friday to begin with because many of the shore venues have >100 guest minimums on Saturday nights but we were able to find a venue for a Friday without much of a problem
  • For us... there is a custody issue where we have kids 6 weeks out of the summer.  We wanted them to be involved in the wedding and to be able to attend the wedding, so we scheduled for July 25.  They'll be here, but be leaving the next day to go home-- which works perfectly for honeymoon plans.
  • We chose July 4th because SO is in the military (National Guard) and most of the men who will be in the wedding party are on active duty so July 4th was the safest option. Plus it falls on a Saturday! :)
  • We chose July 26th because our dating anniversary is July 23rd and we wanted to get as close to that as possible. We chose a Sunday night wedding for a few reasons. One because we are on a budget and most places give discounts for Sunday weddings. Two I work in the hotel business and Sunday nights are slower nights in my field so it's easier for my friends to be able to get off work to attend. And three, since we have friends and family coming in from all over the country (even as far as Austrailia) we wanted to do a full weekend of events culminating in our actual wedding so they didn't come all that way for just a handful of hours.
  • We are getting married on July 10th. There wasn't alot of rhyme or reason other than I'm a dance teacher so it had to be during summer and wanted to avoid other anniversaries and birthdays. We are doing destination in Mexico so we figured it'd cut down on the days people had to take off work if they wanted to do 4 or 5 days. Of course after we put down the deposit THEN my family tells me 2 couples in my family who are now both divorced got married on that same date! My FI grandparents got married that day and they had happily ever after so after being upset about it I figured we would even out the bad with the good, right? lol
  • We chose our date 07/25/15, mostly because I am a crazy person and wanted a wedding date with all odd numbers, so there you have it 07.25.15!!!

  • My parents' anniversary is the 9th, my mom's birthday is the 6th, we have a big family vacation the week after, and my lease is up on the 31st...so July 1 it was XD  That gives us a few days for a honeymoon before going camping with the family.
  • We chose 7/3/15 for several reasons.  I am a teacher, so it gives me time to get things together after school is out for the year and time to get it together before the next school year starts.  Also, I have always wanted a July wedding, as it's my favorite month.  Many of our guests will have the 3rd off, as it is a holiday weekend.  I think Friday weddings are fun, and people still have the rest of the weekend to do whatever they want.  The 3rd seems to be an important date to us...there are so many reasons.  Oh, and we both have to relocate, so the length of our engagement is helping to give us time to move and get new jobs.  We needed time to get through premarital counseling, and an 11 month engagement seemed like a good amount of time to do that in.  We didn't want an extremely long engagement because we are eager to get married, so July 3rd it is.
  • We chose 7/25/15 because it was the only date the venue had available. :)
  • I wrote down all the Friday dates in July and August of 2015, put them in a hat and picked one. 7/24/15 is what we got and we agreed that our wedding would be that day.
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  • We were originally planned for Labor day weekend but the church said no after the fact. So now we're 7/25/15 and I actually like it better. Our birthdays are in the fall, the holiday season is during winter and I kind of like the idea of having an anniversary in the summer out of the way of everything else. I always wanted a summer wedding anyway. 
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