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What was your proposal like?


Re: What was your proposal like?

  • In the excitement of the moment it is hard to remember what he said exactly. 

    We had been dating for 8 years, so marriage had come up several times. We did look at rings once, I thought it was because we were bored at the mall, but I guess it was his way to figure out my style. 

    We met in college, La Salle Universtiy in Philly, so he proposed on campus on July 4th. I wasn't expecting it because we were heading to RI where I'm from for my mom's surprise party on July 6th. He somehow convinced me to fly to Philly and drive to RI. Well I was in planning mode for the party, very frustrated we were stopping in Philly for a "4th of July BBQ with his fraternity brothers" and we even got into a disagreement that morning (I was being a pain in the butt). Well anyways, upon arriving to a very empty campus I was mentally not there (as I look back there were so many signs he was up to something). I thought we were running late, so I'm rushing him and he was trying to be all nostalgic. Finally, grabbing my hand he looked me in my eye and told me to slow down for a second, asked if I could believe this is where it all began, a lot more romantic words about how amazing we are and what we've been through and we have this place (La Salle) to thank for our love. He got down on one knee and honestly it still didn't hit me since he can be joker (he did a fake proposal in front of family one Thanksgiving). It took him getting up to get the ring out of his pocket and getting back down for me to realize. The best part he surprised me with our friends and my family! The drove to Philly just to drive right back to RI, so we can surprise my mom. A surprised filled weekend! We got it in on video too.

    (short version - just video) 
    (long version w/pictures)
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  • We went down to Disney world for a vacation, I was really excited seen as it was my first time being there. We decided to get the memory maker that way we could have a lot of pictures of the two of us around the parks. When we got to Magic Kingdom one morning he asked if I wanted to go get some pictures taken. We went over to the Rose Garden in front of the castle and the photographer started taking pictures. He started moving away from me so I thought we were done taking pictures but he got down on one knee and proposed.The best part is we have tons of pictures of it :)
  • @LaVaH112 Ahh, you two are adorable! I'm in love with your proposal video and I'm now busy wiping away happy tears! :) Congratulations!
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  • Aww thanks @laurenstlouis It was definitely an emotional day and I still tear up whenever I watch the video. 

    @armygirl930 I love Disney! That is a priceless moment especially in front of Magic Kingdom. I'm sure those pictures are beautiful.
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  • FI and I had been talking about getting married for a couple months, and had gone ring browsing together back in December, but he knew that I wanted the actual moment to be a surprise. I knew that he had bought the ring, and that it was being sized and he kept teasing me about how I wouldn't see it coming. So last week he asked me to pick someplace to go for the weekend. I found a deal for the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan (we live in Westchester, so it's just a train ride down) so we booked a hotel room and made dinner reservations in Little Italy. Saturday we went down, walked around the upper east side and then went back to our room to get ready for dinner. While I was getting myself ready, he put some music on and as I found out later, paced around the room for awhile. He came into the bathroom after awhile and asked me to come out, he was playing our song and scooped me up into a big hug and started slow dancing with me and telling me how much he loved me. Then he stepped back and got down on one knee and took out the box and asked me to marry him. Everything went a little fuzzy so I don't actually remember hearing him ask, or answering hahaha I just started shaking like crazy and nodding my head a bunch. He started crying and put the ring on my finger and then picked me up and we kissed. It was nothing like I had dreamed about, but it was absolutely perfect and I would not change any of it for the world!
  • I proposed to my girlfriend this past December at my nursing school graduation. For anyone who has no idea what to do, my best advice to you is to simply just think about your relationship. You are the only two people that know what you both like. You both have the memories, the locations, the events. Do what is special to the both of you, and not what other people have done that "worked." Your proposal will work for you because, in the end, it is a result of a relationship and bond that only you both share.

    Here is a video of how my proposal went down:

  • loro929loro929 member
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    FI proposed to me last August while we were taking summer holiday. We were spending a few weeks in the lake region of Italy and had planned to spend one night in Venice. We had planned our night in Venice a few weeks earlier, we had both been there before but it was the first time that we were going to spend the night so we had booked a room in a palazzo-hotel with a balcony over the Grand Canal. 

    I really didn't think anything of it, my FI knows I like hotels so I figured he was just trying to make me happy with a fancy night in a city I love and have never stayed over before. Well, we went out to a romantic dinner at a restaurant with a outdoor terrace right on one of the smaller canals. It was really romantic to have dinner with the gondolas lit up with candles passing by. After dinner we took a sweet walk and then went back to the hotel. I wanted to take as much advantage of the room as we could. When we got back to the hotel, we went out on the balcony for a bit to enjoy the warm night and the views from this one-in-a-lifetime type of hotel experience. FI went back inside to get something and when he came back, I turned around and I realized that he was holding a small box (it was dark!) and then he opened it and I was in absolute shock! 

    Although we had discussed marriage it was completely not expected in that moment! He got down on one knee on that balcony and over the Grand Canal in Venice he asked me to be his wife. I was in such shock the first thing out of my mouth was "Really?? Is this for real!!!" hehehe. Of course it was! We went inside, ordered a bottle of champagne from room service and enjoyed the first night of our engagement just FI and I in a 15th century palace. The next morning, he surprised me by having arranged breakfast in our suite on the balcony. Later on, I had found out that the surprise was in the works from around March of last year, when he asked my father. I had no idea! He took a lot of time to plan it to be very "us" and it exceeded even my wildest dreams. 
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  • Mine involved none of the proposal-y things, but was still the happiest day of my life to date. All you need is love c:

    It was Valentines day, FI wasn't feeling well so he decided to stay home while I went to work. The previous night we'd published a story together that featured a couple getting married. He called me during my lunch hour and asked me if I'd say yes like the woman in the story had. I, of course, did. Took the rest of the day off to hug/kiss/cry and all that good stuff.  
  • LizaFLizaF member
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    We went on vacation to Jamaica. We planned a private dinner on the beach. After the main course, a resort photographer approached us and my guy suggested we stand and pose for a picture. He knelt down and pulled a ring box from his pocket. He asked me to marry him and I said yes. It is the happiest moment of my life and I have photos that capture the moment. He put the ring on my finger. I was so excited I could not even eat my cheese cake for dessert. He ate it for me ;)
  • When we got engaged, my FI and I had been together for just over a year. We never really discussed marriage at all before we got engaged so I didn't really think about it when he told me he had planned a big night in the city and wanted me to dress up. Everyone had said "maybe he's going to propose" but I would just laugh and say "yeah, right. Don't think so"...

    The night we got engaged, I had gotten ready at my aunt's house and he was going to pick me up there after work (little did I know, he had gotten off work hours beforehand). We went for a nice dinner at the Casino where the concert he was taking me to was being held. It was a concert for STARS Air Ambulance and his mom's best friend was one of the performers. During the concert, FI was frequently stepping out to smoke and when his mom's best friend announced that he had asked her to play a love song and begun to play it, he was MIA (smoking outside! Haha). She started choking up and looked my way to apologize to my FI but he wasn't there and everyone in the audience laughed when he came back in.

    After that, we were supposed to play some slots at the Casino but FI just wanted to go back to the hotel, so we did. He gave me the room key and took out his phone. I asked what he was doing and he said he wanted to take a picture of me in my dress (odd because I had a long jacket covering my dress... he was actually video taping me). When I went in, there were white rose petals on the ground, leading to the bedroom and in the bedroom there was a blanket in the shape of a heart with flower petals spelling out "will you marry me?" (he stopped the video at this point because he said he was afraid I was going to say no). I, of course, did not read the writing in petals until after because I was just focused on the fact that there was a little box with a beautiful ring in the middle of the bed. I grabbed the box with the ring, ran to FI, and hugged him (crying, of course.... I'm a crier! Lol). FI then said "so is that a yes?", I let out an "uh huh" and FI sighed a massive sigh of relief. We spent the rest of the night with our phones off, playing a sweet/romantic game provided by the hotel and drinking champagne.

    It was perfect for us... best part was the ring fit perfect and was absolutely suited to me! FI picked the ring all on his own and had no clue about my ring size. He didn't want to tell anyone close to me about his plans to propose because my friends and family are terrible at keeping secrets!


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  • He got my dad involved!

    I had just finished antibiotics after a second round of double pneumonia and was laying on the couch. So they were cooking dinner and my dad goes to our bathroom. Comes out and "tells" DF to go make me take my last antibiotic. I'm crabbing that I did. DF comes in, my dad behind him (with camera that I didn't see then) and DF kneels down in front of me. He shakes the pill bottle, so I apologize and sit up to take my pill. DF opens the bottle and goes to dump the pill in my hand. Only, it was my ring.

    My dad got a bunch of pictures, no idea how I missed that.
  • allymddallymdd member
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    We went out to a fancy restaurant...then he asked me in my landfill of a car, in a parking lot, where we had pulled over to eat ice cream because fancy food is small, and we are not lol. In hindsight, its totally us, at the time I was like WTF. He did the romantic blabbering, then took a big breath and goes, "I TOLD YOU I LOVED YOU FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A PARKING LOT SO NOW IM GONNA ASK YOU TO MARRY ME IN ONE!" I wouldnt change a thing.
  • love05312014love05312014 member
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    We met four years ago to the day that we got engaged last Saturday on 5/31/14. 5/31/2010 was our first date, and we've been inseparable ever since. We've talked about marriage since probably the first year and a half we were together. We made lots of future plans, but never really had a timeline.

    This past March, we went to go look at engagement rings together at his mother's suggestion. He told her he was thinking about looking at rings, and she wanted him to bring me along so he could get an idea of what I like (especially because I am not a big jewelry wearer and owned no "real" jewelry aside from 1 expensive pair of earrings... so it's not like he had anything else I liked to compare to). I really didn't know what styles I liked until we got there, and after some deliberation, I fell in love with one particular ring. The manager measured my ring size (at that time I had lost 40 lbs and had intentions of losing more weight, and I told her that). We left the store, and he didn't mention too much more about it after that.

    In mid-March, he booked a weekend at a beautiful resort a few hours away from our house for our 4 year anniversary on 5/31/14. I had NO idea what he was planning that night. We went to dinner at the resort, and he kept saying how after dinner, he wanted to go out and celebrate for the rest of the night. He was like "Let's stay up late! Let's go to the bar downstairs and have a few drinks!" I was like "Well maybe I'll have a glass of wine and hang out for a while but I am kind of sleepy already" Lol. As soon as dinner was over, he said he needed to go back up to the room for a minute. I was like "maybe he forgot his phone upstairs or maybe he wants to change into something else", so I went with him back to our beautiful room at the resort.

    He told he he'd gotten me a little something for our anniversary, and told me to close my eyes tightly. He started fumbling around and then told me to open my eyes... when I did, he was down on one knee, with a white box in his hand with THE ring I'd fallen in love with at the store. He asked me if I'd marry him and before I could say "YES!", I started crying. He was like "WELL????" I said "OMG YES!!! YES YES YES! OF COURSE!" I then continued to cry, we called my mom, we called his parents, and then went down to the fire bar outside the hotel to drink copious amounts of alcohol, dance, and celebrate. We got a round of applause from everyone at the bar after we told the DJ we'd just gotten engaged. It was so sweet!!

    And, the reason I mentioned losing weight is because the manager at the jewelry store was genius enough to order the ring in a size .25 smaller than my measured size back in March. It might be a teensy bit big right now, but I've also lost another 20 pounds since we were in the store. Yay for awesome salespeople!
  • My FI and I are both... well, geeky lol. He wrote me a video game! He actually ported the original Legend of Zelda to run on my tablet, so I ran around killing stuff (or not, he made it so I couldn't die) then when I went into a dungeon Space Invaders attacked. Once I killed those off, a song called "I love you baby" from an old silly cartoon played with the lyrics dancing across the screen, and it ended with "Will you marry me?" Then he pulled out the ring.


    I knew it was coming, but I never, ever expected that!
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  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
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    We had gone ring shopping and picked out a ring but did not buy it. Then FI accepted a job transfer and we moved to a small town in another province about 8 hours away from where we had been living. Our new city is small and not near any major centers, and definitely not near the jewelry store where my ring was. Several months go by and several attempts for FI to come up with excuses to go back home without me were foiled (blizzards, car breaking down etc). We openly talk about marriage and basically start planning the wedding, after having a talk that basically was like, we are going to get engaged as soon as we can. So in my mind we've already decided to be engaged, why cant we just be engaged? But FI wanted the ring and the proposal. So I wait. Anxiously. After several dropped hints from him about it still going to be several more months, he heads back to our hometown for a work conference.

    The night he got home it was business like usual. Ordered some pizza. Watched some TV. Looked at some of the household items he had brought back with him. (Prices are super high up north, and somethings are hard to find so whenever we go south we pick up some elusive items). He brings out a big bag and inside was a box of Star Wars Lego. I give him shit because its expensive and he hadn't mentioned that he was going to buy it and that I hadn't budgeted for it for that month. We collect Star Wars Lego (geeks!!) and one of our favorite things to do is watch tv and build it together. So after I had gotten over him buying something without checking with me, he tells me to open the box and get set up for building while he went and put the dishes away.

    So i sat on the couch and started dumping out the Lego when a large black box fell out of it. I was so confused. I could see it was a ring box, but he had been so convincing that he hadn't got it yet and that the proposal was months away that I dumbly held up the box and was like 'sweetie, what is this, it was in with the Lego?' He takes it from me opens it and just gives me a sweet smile and asks me. And I sobbed like a friggen baby. It was so perfect and simple and geeky. 

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    Well... My engagement started with my house burning down, haha... I had moved home to start a job at a lawyer's office, and about a week and a half after that my parents' house burned. <br><br> I called then-bf and he came up (drove two hours, skipped school, etc) and we started talking about it then, along with a trip to universal studios that he had already been thinking about taking with me. So we talk about it, but - as I'm a crazy person - part of me thought he was just ... not joking, but trying to be distracting? I dunno. So I don't really give it much more thought (or I TRY not to anyway).  <br><br>So he graduates college, and we go to Universal. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, so he's made sure there's lots of the Wizarding World involved. And the second day, he has this nice dinner thing planned. Which is a lot of planning, really, for him. <br><br>So we spend our whole day in universal, go to the dinner, watch the show, and go back to our hotel. I call my mom - I'm that girl that calls her mom ten times a day, really, it's sad. And he's exhausted, but he's staying up, so I hang up thinking he's just waiting for me. So I go to get ready for bed, and he follows me, and says "I caught you this today on the quidditch pitch." And he hands me this little black jewelry bag. I turn out a necklace that has a snitch on it, and comment about how pretty it is, and then I see the ring attached to the necklace. <br><br>At this point I have a hard time remembering, haha. Inside the snitch, he put a little slip of paper that said "will you marry me" but I have no idea how I got around to finding it.<br><br>ETF: paragraphsETA #]%*]+£~! PARAGRAPHS I'll fix it when I get to a computer. Stupid iPad.
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  • That's just about the COOLEST(/geekiest) proposal I've ever heard! 
  • Mine was rather funny because it totally fits my relationship. My now fiancee and I were laying in bed last week and being all cute and lovey and talking about our future together. All of a sudden, she started getting a little fidgety and then blurts "SOUHMWILLYOUMARRYME??" and looked stunned at her own self! I thought she was joking, so I just sort of brushed it off...until I noticed that she was sweating profusely, shaking like crazy, and crying from nervousness. Once the shock wore off enough for me to speak, I said YES! I love her so much and can't wait to be her wife :] 

    October 2015!
  • So, my FI and I have known each other for 4 years.  Our story is definitely different - I was studying to be a nun, he was studying to be a priest, both in the same religious order.  Two years ago, for various reasons, there were 5 of us in formation that left our order at the same time.  FI and I started talking after we both left, because it's a difficult transition.  It was all very friendly and fraternal - until I realized pretty quickly that I wanted to get to know him.  We talked every day for almost a year - we became very close friends and there was definitely mutual attraction, but the distance was problematic.  Finally, we decided to take a chance - we owed it to ourselves.   Best gamble I ever took!  He is amazing!  Long distance relationships aren't easy, but we've made it work.  We travel to visit each other every 2 months or so, and he met my family when he was here last December.  He actually met my family at the hospital - we lost my grandma that same week, and he was amazing through the whole thing.  We were already talking about our future together at that point, and had decided to use one of my grandma's rings as an heirloom.  He asked my dad for his blessing and permission in March, but the time still wasn't right and I had not met his family yet.  Basically, I knew it was coming at some point, just not when.  :)

    We went to St. Louis on May 2nd for his sister's final profession as a nun, and I finally got to met his mom and both sisters.  The next day we did some sightseeing with his family.  We went to the St. Louis Cathedral and he decided we should go to the Arch, even though we were short on time.  His aunt had mentioned needing souvenirs, so I thought perhaps we were going there for that purpose.  We dropped them off and parked.  As we're walking, I asked him where we were to meet them, and he said that they would call when they were done and suggested that we walk around the park while we wait. We talked about issues he's having with school/work and his anxiety, and how much we rely on each other for everything.  He stopped me on the trail, took my hand and said "But I have to know something, I have to know you want this as much as I do."  Then he knelt and said "because I want this more than anything."  He then pulled out the ring and said "Do you want to marry me?"  To which I replied, of course I do!  More than anything in the world!  And he asked me again, "So you will?!?  Will you marry me?"  And I said yes, and kissed him like crazy!  :)

    Then I see his mom, aunt, and sister who weren't shopping for souvenirs at all - they were waiting with cameras.  :) 

    I said something later about him asking me twice, and he said, Oh, yeah, I guess I did, didn't I?  I think I thought I didn't ask right!   I told him he asked perfectly.  The whole thing was sweet and nervous, kind of awkward and totally wonderful, just like him.  :)

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  • My man proposed to me at my nurse pinning ceremony. Major shocker! I couldn't myself together until after the ceremony..bawled my eyes out. 
  • I just got engaged and he spend a lot of energy to make it happen. It was the perfect touch of private with a few friends over after I said Yes!  http://redd.it/27zpvy

  • About 2 months prior to getting engaged, my fiance dragged(drug? whichever is grammatically correct insert lol) me into Kay jewelers just to look. We had only been dating for about 9 months at this point so I was not in the mindset to be looking at rings. We talked about when/if(he said when i said if) we got married... anyway fast forward to December 31st, 2013. We just got home from my father's in Louisiana and we went to a local bar to meet up with my best friend and her boyfriend for a drink. At 11:30 pm my fiance says to me you've had a surprise in your coat pocket for about an hour and 1/2. Of course I wore a coat with a billion different pockets (FYI I hate surprises and he had been saying all week he had a surprise for me) after checking every pocket twice, I find a red velvet ring box and turn to my best friend and ask her why is there a box in my pocket. She shrugs with a huge smile (she was in on it) I turn to fiance and ask same question he tells me to open in. At this point everyone is looking at me, I'm beet red and laughing with tears starting to form. I open the box and again turnt o my bestie and ask her why is there a ring in the box that was in my pocket? She tells me to ask him, so I turn and show him the ring (like he's never seen it lol) and ask why is there a ring in my pocket. He responds by saying oh you know and I said I do not know. He leans in and whispers Will you marry me? I was laughing so hard that all I could do was shake  my head yes.
  • Just got engaged last night! :-)

    My fiance and I went on our first date in February 2012, and what started as dinner turned into dinner, meeting my friends at a church group, coffee, and them him taking me out to his favorite spot, Lake Austin, in town.  We talked for hours, and it was the most amazing first date I had ever been on.  Fast-forward 2-ish years, and Lake Austin is still one of our very special places, and we go fishing and hang out there all the time.  Last night he took some fishing poles and asked me if I'd like to go down to fish some (we were up last because he was studying for a test today).  We studied for awhile, and then he pulled his truck up to the lake and pulled out the fishing poles. We sat and talked, and he turned on the mix tape that he had given me for our 1st Valentines Day.

    I still had no idea, and he then opened the tackle box and told me he wanted to show me how to tie a certain knot for a fishing lure.  He (patiently) showed me the knot he was talking about, and then said that he wanted to tie another knot, and I should look in the box to find another lure.  I was looking for about a minute, confused, before he pointed me in the direction of the box that had been in front of my eyes the whole time.  I immediately looked up at him, and tears were already coming.  As I held the box he and I had a really intimate, amazing conversation about the future, God, and always remembering times like these when hard times would come.  He then got down on one knee, and opened the box to reveal an AMAZING ring, and asked me if I would marry him and be his bride.  All I could say was YES. haha. :-)  Amazing night, and I seriously can't stop looking at my ring - it's like a fantastic dream. :D
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    I just got engaged yesterday evening!  I can't stop staring at my ring :)

    My boyfriend (now fiance) planned a very sweet, romantic proposal. We live in Nashville, TN but I love Chattanooga so he planned a weekend in Chat-Town for the 4th of July. We drove to Chattanooga yesterday morning, checked into our hotel and spent most of the day hanging around downtown and doing some light shopping. My boyfriend and I had planned to have a picnic dinner on Lookout Mountain, which overlooks the city of Chattanooga and you can see to the edge of the earth it seems like. After having some wine and a little whitefish salad we were watching the city, waiting for the sun to set so that we could see the fireworks when my boyfriend turned to me and told me that he loves me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Then he pulled out the ring box, opened it and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes. I love my ring - it's a sapphire with two diamonds on either side. I'm soooooo excited! We have set a tentative wedding date of October 10, 2015.

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  • He proposed in may of 2013, got down on one knee and everything,
    but I rejected him because I'm old fashioned. I told him if he wanted to marry me,
    he would have to get my father's permission.

    July 2014:
    He was off in deckhand school, so he could try to get a job offshore. We were just texting, and he told me when he got home that weekend, he wanted to get married. I didn't really think he was serious, so I said okay. We had talked quite a lot about it, but I figured he was too upset over the first time, that he wasn't going to even do it this time.

    So he gets home, has the job, and on July 31, 2014, I urged him to go get my father's permission. We went out to eat with my father and returned to where my father worked. I went to the bathroom and then walked to my dad's office, and my dad was crying and my FI was beaming.

    I knew he had asked him, and my father told him that he loved him and that it takes a real man to ask a father for his daughter's hand in marriage. We chatted, left and were driving down the road, and he presented me with the ring box again and said, " I did what you asked, and I think you know where this is going, " and then we were official, I suppose. 
  •   Here is a video of the proposal! I just have to brag on my now Fiancé! He did an INCREDIBLE job!
  • I came home around midnight from a long and exhausting day of work. My now fiancée told me she had a surprise for me when I got home, and I asked "Ooh, is it kisses??" and she laughed and said "well, sort of." I got home and opened the door to find a trail of arrows made from Hershey's Kisses (I laughed, realizing what she meant by "sort of kisses") leading to the bedroom. I went in the room to find more Kisses in the shape of a heart on the bed. In the heart was a note that said "Now that I have kissed the ground you walk on..." and more arrows leading to the bathroom. I joked, asking if this was her way of telling me I needed to change the litter box lol. I went into the bathroom and opened the shower curtain. A dozen beautiful roses hung from the shower head, with a note that read "Now that I have showered you with a dozen roses (take the other note from Kiaya)". I took the note from my fiancée's hand that said "Now that I have shown you all of the ways I love you (ok now take the other note from Kiaya)". With shaking hands, I took the other note from Kiaya, which read "Will you marry me?" as she got on one knee with a ring. I cried and tackled her lol. My answer was a very definite YES! It was the sweetest, cheesiest, most amazing proposal, and I can't wait to marry the love of my life in October of 2015
  • I always thought that I wanted something big but I'm totally in love with my proposal and it wasn't anything huge like I imagined it to be. The two of us went on a vacation together to the town that my then boyfriend went to college in, We were in the hotel room sitting back with one of his old friends from college and we started talking about everything that we've been through since we got together. We survived everything and we were only together for a few short months (from people trying to break us up, to getting pregnant accidentally after we accepted that, I had a miscarrage) From the moment I met him I knew he was the one for me. We were sitting alone after they left and I was running around the room like a crazy person trying to get ready because we were going out for a few drinks when he stopped me. He started talking about everything that had happened to us, and how he loved me more then anything then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the best moment of my life honestly and I don't know how I got so lucky, Even though it wasn't anything amazing like some people I thought it was the most amazing thing ever to me. Now, I can't wait to walk down the isle and see him standing there. 

    "Four years ago, I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl, who had a boyfriend. And I had to do the hardest thing that I've ever had to do"

  • So, my lovely and I have known each other for eight years, and we've only been seriously dating for one year. He's a dear and close friend, and I got bit by the wedding bug. We had been talking about having kids prior to even talking about marrying. Odd, right? Well, every year he and his family go on vacation to the same town, and he invited me along. Everyone swore that he would do it then, even my pessimistic father. I relayed this to the boyfriend with a laugh, since I saw the vacation as just a time for us to catch up and spend time together (he lives an hour away, so we don't get much time together), and he assured me that it wouldn't be while on vacation that he proposed. 

    Well, fast forward to the trip. He takes me out to this area that's 300 feet above the lake level called the log slide, and we're just talking and enjoying the weather, the view, and each other's company. Well, he comments, "I can't think of a way to segue into this, so..." He digs into his pocket and pulls out the box the ring is in and hands it to me. "Will you marry me?"

    Lets just say my brain took a few minutes to catch up and before I could exclaim a yes and bear hugged him. 

    Turns out he had been planning this since January, he just was waiting for the right moment to do it. His family was even in on it, which I find most amusing of this all. <3
  • My FI and I have been together for just over 5 yrs (it was 5 in June) and he and I had discussed marriage and looked at rings previously, but I had no idea when it would come. Honestly, it felt like it never would!

    He took me to York, Maine (a place we both spent summers in during childhood and realized we both loved when we met 5 years ago, so it's very special to us) for my birthday August 11th and asked if I wanted to walk the Marginal Way. The Marginal Way is a coastal beach walk that extends from York, ME to Ogunquit and is right on the ocean, so you can see the waves splash up against the rocks. There are little benches along the way. I suggested we sit down and started trying to take pictures. He pointed to the side and said "look over there!" and when I turned back he was on one knee! I was so surprised. I said YES OF COURSE and asked if he'd put the ring on my finger - he was so nervous his hands were shaking. It was so sweet how nervous he got since we've been together for so long and he knew how much I wanted to get married - I thought for sure he'd know I'd say yes. Despite his asking my parents permission days earlier, no one tipped me off so I never saw it coming. We're so excited to be getting married!



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