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Helene's Bridal- Do Not Recommend

I went into Helene's in East Providence to find a wedding gown, as well as bridesmaid dresses. I had shown the owner many pictures of what I wanted for both. When my bridesmaids were shopping they decided on two different dresses. I asked the owner which colors I should get based on the pictures, as well as making sure the dresses looked good together. They were supposed to be a very light blush pink. When the dresses came in one style of dress was the correct color, and the other style was an extremely bright bubble gum pink. As soon as I saw them I told them the color was wrong and I hated them. The worst was the reaction that they are "close enough" and "in the same color family" and I will just have to get used to them. So discouraging and upsetting to have a reaction like that from them, in addition to now having three bridesmaids who are in the complete wrong color!

Also, as far as the fit, four of the dresses were too large, which is usually expected. But my matron of honors dress was two sizes too small! She was measured and said the sample dress fit perfectly. They told her to order a dress two sizes smaller!

It's been nothing but a headache and I honestly don't recommend Helene's to anyone.
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Re: Helene's Bridal- Do Not Recommend

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    I have never had a bad experience at Helene's. Their customer service is amazing and they are very helpful throughout the dress shopping process and always informed us of what to expect.

    I noticed you mentioned your bridesmaids selected two different dresses; where both of those dresses from the same designer? On the same material? Obviously dye lots can change designer to designer and material to material. This can happen on Fifth Ave or the mall. It is unfortunate if this was not told to you.

    As for sizing, that's a tough one. I feel like there is a gray area there. Some girls insist on ordering a size 6 say even if they are measuring at an 8. 
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    @photogenik I am glad you have has positive experiences with them. They were the same material, different designers. I knew because they were different designers that the colors wouldn't be a perfect match, however I would have expected them to both be the light/blush pink that I was hoping to order. One of the styles of the dresses was blush, like I said, but the other dress wasn't even close. I compared the dress to the swatch from Helene's and the picture of the dress in color I ordered and it wasn't even close. However because it was all pink they said they wouldn't even attempt to fix it in any way. Very frustrating!
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    I had an amazing experience at Helene's.  I am sorry that you did not.  
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