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2 questions PLEASE HELP ME LOL

Hi Ladies,So we have finally picked a date I decided to get my tail in gear :)  anyways I was wondering if you ladies knew where we could rent some furniture from for the recpt. ?  I want to have a cool looking lounge area any ideas?also we choose April 2nd as our date which has special meaning to us BUT I'm a little worried about the rain (unpredictable WI weather) I know that there is always a chance of rain here but it seems like the chances are greater in April, what do you think?Thanks for any help you ladies can provide

Re: 2 questions PLEASE HELP ME LOL

  • boxcarboxcar member
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    Almost every cool picture I've ever seen of a lounge at a wedding includes furniture from IKEA, which is all really affordable. The square tables that seem to be really popular are only $12.99. We bought some for our first apartment years ago--throw a cushion on them and they very easily double as extra seating. Also take a look at the scratch and dent section for chairs and loveseats. You can find something with a tiny scratch for half the price! I've seen oversized white chairs and white loveseats for less than $200 each. If you shop smart, you can totally buy that stuff for the same amount it would cost to rent it for, and then you get to keep it or sell it after the wedding!
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    April 2nd... what a great day!  (My birthday!)  For furniture, you could try A to Z rental (Event Essentials) or I saw a vendor at the Overture Center bridal show this past weekend called Cort Event Furnishings.  They looked pretty cool.Good luck!
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    I'm pretty sure that Pier 1 Imports will rent out thier funiture. I know that they use to allow people to rent it for photo shoots...
  • Sparkles1985Sparkles1985 member
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    So, I was curious and decided to check out PPs suggestion of Cort Event Furnishings, and the website looks pretty awesome, and I think that this is what you are looking for!Here's the link:http://www.cortevents.com/#targ1

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  • jackie5387jackie5387 member
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    I am hoping to do the same thing at my wedding. I contact someone from Cort and it was really expensive. It was like $5000 for 2 sofas as 3 chairs! If I end up doing it I will purchase the furniture from Ikea. They have sofas for like $150 and chairs for around $60. Then you can put it up for sale on craigslist when your done or use it in your own place! It would be less expensive. I guess it all depends on your budget.
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    I may be a little late on this but I saw that kind of thing at the A to Z tent at the bridal show last Jan too..I think that they are a little bit more reasonable and I also know that they will give you a pretty nice discount..around  10 to 15% if you ask.  Its worth a shot!HTH
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