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Towers Brides - any problems with no A/C?

Hey everyone! So in my long search for wedding venues, I came across the Towers and instantly fell in love. It's beautiful, right by the water, affordable, and everything we are looking for. However, the no A/C thing is getting parts of my family/friends in a tizzy. We are planning an end of August wedding. What are your thoughts/experiences with this? Is it really that bad? We are thinking a reception starting around 6pm, 150 people. I want to know if this is a deal breaker or not. Any help would be great!!! Thank you in advance. 

Re: Towers Brides - any problems with no A/C?

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    I got married at Kinney Bungalow, which also doesn't have AC.  My wedding was the last weekend in September, so I wasn't too worried about the lack of AC.  The weather was in the 60s, which was lovely.  We were able to open the windows for a nice cross-breeze inside, as well.

    As someone who overheats easily, I would be hesitant to plan or attend a wedding somewhere without AC in August.  I feel like the "safe" times of year for such a venue would be May through mid-June and mid-September through mid-November. 
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    Honestly, for me I don't think it would be a deal breaker because of the later start time.  I'd want to keep the ocean-facing doors open, definitely (plus any windows that open for a nice breeze).  Maybe it won't be a total scorcher of a day.  However, unlike PP, I don't overheat easily; I enjoy hot days.  Weather-wise, I don't think you're taking any more of a risk than brides who get married on the beach.
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    Thanks guys for your input! Much appreciated. I think with the evening wedding, a strong ocean breeze, ceiling fans and windows, it should be fine. I've asked around a couple of people who have had weddings there or worked there and they all said the same thing. Though there is AC in the bridal suite, so if someone gets really hot, they can always go in there. 
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    I think it only matters if it is a deal breaker for you. With the way the Towers is set up, I think you would have a nice cross breeze being by the ocean and there is that deck too that overlooks the water.
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