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Monday Progress Update - 2/10

I didn't do a lot this past week because this weekend coming up is going to be wedding marathon planning weekend :) Here's my list though:

- Printed invites (I still have to do the inserts and put them together)
- Made wine for our wedding favors
- Contacted ceremony musicians

What did you girls get done this past week?

Re: Monday Progress Update - 2/10

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    I didnt accomplish much, figured out officiant ordeal. Had a family emergency,  a real bad one so ive been in the icu all weekend. Did promise my uncle a special dance if he pulls though so this week I gotta figure out a good uncle niece dance..ehich I have zero vlue on what would be good
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    I read that on one of the other boards, but I couldn't think of any songs. I hope that your uncle gets better though. I know how tough that is. 
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    Sorry to hear about the ICU @dluberts! Hope you're feeling better!

    My fiance finally decided on tuxes for him and the guys, and got his order taken care of, so that was exciting. Glad I get to stop nagging him about it now :P

    We also did a walk through at the venue with our DOC, which was really helpful! It did bring up a bunch of questions that I hadn't thought of yet, but we still have plenty of time to get everything nailed down.

    I finally got some invitation packages put together and weighed them, and they are 1.1 ounces! 0.1 ounces over the standard weight, so we're going to end up paying extra in postage, *sigh*. At the end of the day, it's not going to break our budget, but it was just soooo close!

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    I'm sorry about the family emergency/ICU visit @dluberts!

    We didn't do much over the weekend, it was a lazy weekend for sure.

    Our invitations came in! They're gorgeous and I'm super excited to start getting them addressed and sent out! I think we're going to run the envelopes through the printer, as we get to address about 130 invitations. My FI, however, needs to get his friend's addresses (although I'm at the point of FB stalking them and asking for all their addresses. Yes, I will be THAT FI at this point!)

    imageThis is the invite (but I literally copy and pasted off the Wedding Paper Diva's site so this is obvi not our information; my name is not Stephanie!)

    FI also texted his groomsmen about ordering their tuxes (deadline is the 18th) and only him, my dad, my brother and one groomsman has ordered yet. That leaves his father and four other groomsmen to go.

    My mother has emailed back and forth with a DOC that I really want (planning gives me hives I swear...) but she hasn't set up a meeting with her nor gotten a contract and it's beginning to make me seriously annoyed that she (my mom) hasn't followed through. So, I'm going to just email the DOC and move everything along.

    Last Wednesday we went to a vintage/wedding furniture rental store ( and looked at their couches/benches and other fun stuff to add to our wedding. We're going to have a lounge area in one of the front rooms for older guests to hang out, as well as cool benches down by the river so guests can be near the water.

    We started picking out ceremony and reception music and I found my processional song! It's "Waltz for Mary and John" by Sherlock. My FI and I LOVE the BBC Sherlock and watch it together and so I figured it'd be a sweet "us"/"nerdy" song while still sounding somewhat traditional. WP processional and the recessional songs are still TBD. 

    Whew...that was a novel of a post.
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    Last Sunday we got all our invites printed. Worst headache of my life. Seriously. It took us 7 HOURS to figure out the program. We are planning on printing programs too (SAME PROGRAM) so I'll make sure to have extra wine on hand.
    So this last week I worked on getting ribbons on the invites. Just have about 10 more to do. I have off today so I'm going to finish those up and slowly start getting address together.
    We finally finished up our registries! I'm being told shower invites are going out in the next week or two so we pretty much HAD to.
    And the most exiting thing to me (yet smallest thing) was that I found and bought a little silver "Mrs" necklace to wear after the wedding on our mini-honeymoon. I know it's probably something I'll only wear for THAT trip and be done with it. But I've had a few bad weeks work wise, and it really cheered me up :)
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    Sent in deposit for invites
    FI followed up with cake vendor
    Finally picked a lantern for our centerpieces, now working on DIY mercury glass votives and figuring out table numbers/names.

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    FI and I had our first dance lesson on Saturday and it went really well! 4 more to go before the wedding and we have to nail down not only the basic steps and twirls but an entire routine! Should be interesting. Got the rehearsal dinner space booked and working on that menu now. Wedding shoes are in the mail and on their way here! Not really a lot got done but it feels like some of the bigger demanding things are taken care of and that makes me feel better!
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    We paid the balance for our invites, so they're being printed now.
    My jewelry shipped! It should arrive tomorrow :)
    I booked a consult/tasting with our patisserie for next weekend!

    Most importantly -- we finally registered! I wasn't overly excited for it, but it actually ended up being a lot of fun! The store we registered at has an app for the registry, we can register/edit via the website, and they gave us their brand new catalogue of popular registry items, and we can scan barcodes with our phones/iPad right from the catalogue! Plus, the tradition in-store registry process with the scanner :) We both have really enjoyed the experience.

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    We had our tasting on Friday which was absolutely fantastic! It makes me so excited for our wedding! We picked out all of our food options and cake flavors (we couldn't decide on just one so we're alternating flavors on the different tiers).
    We ordered my wedding band.
    I started working on the card box.
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    I can't remember the last update I gave but here's what I've recently crossed off my list: We booked our get-ready hotel for the day of and our wedding night hotel (2 different places due to logistics and stuff). Had a 2nd mock-up with the florist and set a final meeting date in April to go over all last details & confirm centerpieces and personals, etc. I just printed out this morning all of our table name cards: since we are getting married at a botanical garden I named all the tables after flowers that bloom in April/May and they have photos of the flowers from the garden. We also started planning the ceremony with our officiant....trying to fill out this couples questionnaire/survey thing is so difficult figuring out the right words and say things! What I'd like to do this week/weekend: - I've gotta call our venue to set up a meeting to go over our menu and other things we've got questions about. - We're going to Ikea this weekend so that I can get some frames and hangers for a few bridesmaids gift projects I'm doing. - I really need to try and get some more escort cards made! I'm making tissue paper flowers that will attach to a green cardstock leaf which will have the guest name & table on it. I only have about 20 made so far. - I'm going to try and book the dog sitter also this weekend.



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    I had an extremely productive weekend!
    • Visited our venue on Saturday. First, I freaked because we walked in and the entire back wall of the venue was GONE! Turns out, they are expanding the barn which will open up so much more space for tables and the dance floor. We picked out table linens, confirmed our day-of timeline, picked out table numbers, and worked on decorating the ceremony and reception site. (Our venue has a "pinterest room" where they have all these decorations for the brides to choose from. So cool!)
    • Contacted our bartender and booked her
    • Ordered my daughter's Jr. Bridesmaid dress
    • Booked hotel rooms for the bachelorette party
    • Met with our DJ and discussed ceremony and reception music, and order of events for the reception
    • And finally, we started receiving our first RSVPs back! So far we have 13 out of 123, not including our parents and the bridal party, who we know are definitely going to be there. It's starting to feel so real at this point!
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    - i got most of the remaining addresses I needed for invites.
    - bought ink to start printing the invites.
    -booked the honeymoon!
    - bought our flower girl outfits.

    It's one step forward, two steps back, tho, as we might have lost our caterer. :'(


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    okay so heres my update:

    florist paid in full

    cake paid in full

    caterer paid in full

    venue(ceremony/reception) paid in full

    my attire and accessories done

    invites ordered

    tableclothes, chair covers ordered..

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