Calling all February Brides

My wedding is at the end of February 2015. I was wondering for all you ladies being married this month, what are you flower choices? 

Re: Calling all February Brides

  • I was married last February.  The bouquets were roses and calla lilies and the church flowers and centerpieces were roses, lilies and hydrangeas.  I was worried about it being more expensive since some of the flowers might have been out of season but my florist actually gave me a 20% discount off the total since my wedding was considered "off-season".
  • I'm getting married 3/ close to Feb.   Bouquets are roses/peonies/lisanthus/ranunculas.  Center pieces include the above +hydrangea and tulips.  Score on your discount too!   Almost all of our vendors gave us a discount for being off season.  Never hurts to ask! 
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    It is good that your wedding is at the end of February because if you got married in the beginning of February before Valentines day you would be paying out of the ass for flowers, and not just roses, but all flowers.

    With floral wholesalers and the fact that flowers come in from all over the world now a days you can pretty much get anything you want flower wise.  There will be some things, like peonies, lilac and other very seasonal items that will be pretty impossible to get, but the majority of flowers are easy to obtain.

  • Thanks for the advice ladies! I have a very specific look I am going for....tall and elegant, but I want to save money by being flexible on the "type" of flowers used.
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    We got married on January 25th and here are some of our flowers...




    White tulips and pussy willow branches were my starting point.  My budget didn't allow that to be 100% of our  flowers so we expanded into closed white roses in the centerpieces (similar shape, less money).
    photo composite_14153800476219.jpg
  • @AprilH81, your flowers are beautiful. Very original :)
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