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Rhode Island Brides -- Help!!

Hello out there!

I am newly engaged and am trying to plan a wedding in RI and need some help! I have looked at a few venues and would love your opinions! Has anyone had or been to a Newport Yachting Center wedding? Regatta Place? Obviously I LOVE Belle Mer but I have a feeling even their off season prices are too much for me ..

Does anyone have any recommendations? It is all so overwhelming! Thanks so much :-)

Re: Rhode Island Brides -- Help!!

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    Hello! Congratulations on your engagement. If you haven't done so already, first thing you need to figure out is your approximate guest list (to determine the size venue you need) and budget. I'd also recommend figuring out if you want an all-inclusive venue or one where you bring in everything yourself. If you can post all that information, it'll help us to help you come up with some options.
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    Hi there! We are looking at 175 guests (hoping 150 show) and are hoping to keep the final costs down to 35k including taxes and gratuities. The only real stipulation I have is that we have the option for an open bar (not hosted) and that the dance floor/reception area are all one space. We also want to have the ceremony at the same location. Ideally it would be all inclusive, but we are open to having to hiring outside vendors. Definitely a Saturday night, hoping for Sept/Oct 2015 but again I am open to November, or possibly waiting until the spring for the right space. Thanks in advance!
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    I'm going to suggest you refer to the sticky at the top of the etiquette board on cash bars. Blackstone catering offers a top shelf open bar for less than $30 per person, which is an amazing deal.
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    Congratulations on your engagement! Now the fun begins! 

    I agree with Ven&Radio. You have to determine your rough guest count and assume everyone will show up. That final number will tell you what venues will work. For my wedding this past July, we invited 185 guests and that eliminated a few venues automatically based on our guest count. Luckily we reserved our first choice which was Glen Manor in Portsmouth, RI.

    Also, consider what you are looking for in a venue. There are many venue options that are not in Newport and are on the water/with water views. 

    Best of luck with the rest of your wedding plans!

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    @Lhess232 I looked at Regatta Place and the Yachting Center (ended up booking Belle Mer). Both are nice. I'm not sure that Regatta Place will come in under your budget but the Yachting Center probably will. Also check on Easton's Beach, Atlantic Beach Club, Glen Manor and also check out the Towers in Narragansett I have heard it is more moderately priced.
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    We got married in Newport on the cheap, at Castle Hill.  Normally a wedding there is outrageously expensive, however if you ask them for a Thursday wedding, the price dramatically drops.  They are amazing there, our wedding was beautiful and we were able to stick to our strict budget.  I know most people want to get married on a weekend, but a weekday wedding can save you SO much money, just something to consider. 
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