Would you recommend your Planner?

We were given a great idea to hire a "Day Of" Wedding Coordinator to make sure things run smoothy and we are free to enjoy everything. Now I am wondering if perhaps I want to go full six months "Planner" or not.  I am working full time and finding that I don't have as many hours for this as I would like.  Especially if I hope to achieve our vision for the day.Did anyone else use a "Day Of" coordinator or hire a Wedding Planner? If you think it was worth it (average price is also helpful) are you willing to reccomend them and offer up a phone number or email?-L. J.

Re: Would you recommend your Planner?

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    A day of coordinator is a wonderful thing. We had a planner for most of our wedding planning and I didn't have many headaches. I didn't know on the day of that the delivery times all had to be changed because of an event in the room earlier in the day, I didn't know there was a mix-up with the appetizers, or any problems at all. I saw the planner, she let me know things were going well and when she showed us the room before the reception, it was perfect. She did everything at the ceremony and reception and I had no worries. Plus, during the planning process she gave us great ideas for things, great vendors, and saved us money.We used Tanya Van Kirk of Point Zero Events and she charged $3600 for the entire planning process - from start to finish.  I know she is doing less planning now becuase of a job and may not be taking new weddings, but she is located in Waukesha.People have also raved about Danica of Dreams & Designs and Sunny Day Soirees. Hope that helps!!
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    We used Danica and she was worth every penny!
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    We are working with BLUE Bridal consulting, totally been worth every cent, helped save money already plus has given us such great ideas. Plus we have 2 coordinators on site day of and throughout the process, which has been great so far.They are out of the Fox Valley and a lower price point than some of the places we checked in Milwaukee. Found them through one of my BM, who used them for day of in Milwaukee, and they were a blast her whole wedding day.Website is a bit out of date though just a heads up on thatwww.cakeguru.com/blue
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