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We are in the process of picking a caterer for our November 15 wedding. Ideally, we need to keep the price at under $20 per person, preferably closer to $16-$17. Here are the caterers I've found that are willing to work with that for a buffet service: Taste! To Go, Great Caterers of Iowa, Tangerine Food Co. Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with these vendors? Or, do you have other suggestions? We need someone in Des Moines. The only type of food I'm for sure not looking for is BBQ, because if we decide to go that route, we have already someone who can provide that cheaply...however it's just the food, and I like the idea of a catering service if we can afford it!! Thanks bunch!!

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  • We're using Tangerine Food Co for our wedding. I love Susan - she was super great at our consultation and was willing to work with us on a very small budget while still providing a great menu. Everyone else I contact wasn't able to work within our budget.
  • Thanks! I have a meeting with her on Sunday, and just from e-mailing her she seems very pleasant. I'm looking forward to it!
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