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I had a bit of time on my hands Monday so I did our wine charms.  We were also doing hand painted glasses but FI wants etched so we are going with an "etched". One side with a clipart of wine and music and the other with a "Thank you for joining us for a night of wine and music" and the date on it.  A lot of my friends and family are big wine and wine festival fans so they'll take them (they look similar to the ones we take home from festivals and I talked FI out of putting our name on them, just the date).  We expect to have a lot left behind anyway, even after all the friends that have to take an extra for a "matched set" and we're ok with that.  For those of you that are hard core fans of edible favors, don't worry... we'll have cupcake boxes and extra cupcakes to take too. :)

Just wanted to share the charms... I really like the way they came out.  They may have one more piece attached to them.  We are using them for seating cards so we are more than likely going to add an extra piece with name and table, though we may do that with a "cork garnish" haven't decided yet. 
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Re: Wine Charms

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    Glad you acknowledge that you'll have a lot left over!  I love wine festivals.  We don't take home the free wine glass anymore.  Since we've been married and bought a house, we are getting rid of mismatched stuff and we now have a complete matching set of barware.  We would leave ours behind.

    Now cupcakes.....I'm on board with that!
  • Yeah, we go through ours every so often and thin them too (Actually give them to all the 20-somethings we know who are just starting out and need them).  We have an entire butlers pantry of barware.. matched sets of Martini glasses, margarita glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, brandy snifters... and more.  We are finishing the basement and sometimes I think we'll put a bar down there just to have more space for our glassware. LOL.  The Festival glasses (and actually we're both past national officers in a civic organization so banquet glasses too) are great talking points when we have big parties at the house so we bring them out then.  

    As for the cupcakes... yeah.. the half that isn't into the wine glasses will definitely be into cupcakes.  And the half that is diabetic or watching their sugar/caloric intake will be into the wine glasses and charms.  And me... I'll be into all of it. Haha. 
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    Love the wine charms! And great idea on both your favors!
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