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NWR Vent--Job Searching

I don't even really know how to begin this one but to say that I'm stressed! I graduated from college last May, had an AWFUL job that I quit and am currently unemployed. I'm moving up to where my FI lives after the wedding (or if I find a job, before the wedding) and I'm so stressed out about job searching.

I honestly have no idea where to begin, I keep on going onto Monster/Media Bistro, etc. to find a job but I just get overwhelmed. I don't really know what I want to do--my last job was working for a local magazine and the owners were so insane that it's kinda turned me off to the magazine industry--or where to begin. We just got approved for our apartment, and I can't move up there until I find a job. I mean I could easily find a part time job (retail, waitress, etc.) but I really want to find a good 9-5 job, I'm sick of working in malls. Since I'm so overwhelmed and frustrated I seriously am about to scream...or just say "fuck it." I don't know, I feel like a failure for not even having the slightest idea of what I want to do (I know what I don't want to do though...).

Ugh, it's just so demoralizing and frustrating. Have any tips for finding a decent job?

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    Amen!  @Klc09d I'm glad to know I'm not the only unemployed bride out there!!  I'm so stressed out with trying to find a job and then plan a wedding on top of it.  I just feel guilty spending any money on anything when I can't find a job.  

    My FI accepted a job in Minnesota in December, so naturally I quit my job and followed as he asked me too.  We've been living together for four years, so I just couldn't see myself staying behind.  Anyways, I am sick of working in malls as well.  I left my 'good' job of a store manager (managing 5 locations) because there was NO work/life balance.  I literally could not go out of town without getting a dreaded call saying we need you to come in.  It was making me sick I was so stressed out.  After that I just took on a part time temp job and then we moved.  It also doesn't help that we moved soooo many times previously because FI was in the military.  My resume looks like shit because we've moved so much but I'm a college grad and those student loans are never going away as far as I can see.  

    Sorry, I feel like this was a negative post on my end and I could go on all day about this subject.  I've probably applied for over 100 jobs since January.  :(  

    I was however able to get my fiance interviews in five different states before he graduated college!  (I literally did all the legwork and he just did the interviewing! haha)  I would say the best places to look in my experience are Linkedin and Indeed.  
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    So....I'm probably not the best person with practical, "this is what I did and it worked" advice. I'm better with The Bearenstein Bears The Bicycle Lesson. "This is what you shouldn't do, and let this be a lesson to you"

    I have a BFA in animation. I have done SHIT with my degree. I came home, went back to my retail job, worked two jobs until I got into furniture sales at the same job. It's enough that I can support myself with, and it isn't super stresssful. But it's not ideal.

    So. here's what I did that you shouldn't do. Don't Give Up. Now, then, I think you should take the shitty retail job to bring money in, esp. if thats what is keeping you from moving into the Apt. But you need to keep searching, keep looking for jobs. Because it's easy to settle. It's easy to say, "This is good enough". But if you want that good 9-5 job, it will take work to get it.

    Also, it might be easier to find that good 9-5 job, if you are in the area. Depending on how large the town is, some jobs might not be listed online. I know in sales, many jobs never get fully listed because demand is high, you almost need an in to get an interview. Networking will be easier as well.

    Best of luck to you. Feel free to vent cause it is hard.
    Here's some kittens.

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    Have you checked I think it's a great resource for job seekers. Good luck!
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    @lindseyanne1, @chibiyui, & @*elle. Thank y'all very much for your help! I really appreciate all the kind words and suggestions. I'm definitely not going to give up, it's just super frustrating because I feel there is no way for me to narrow down what I want. I'm definitely looking for a 9-5, and I love reading and working with words...but I hate journalism (I love research though!) and it's just like aarrgghh...hahaha. I will definitely check, I haven't looked there yet! I'm also looking into going into teaching (Minor in Education and I loved it!). I'm just one of those people where I have to make sure my decision is the right one and so I over-analyze everything and I'm like "well, I could do this job...but would that one be better?" I appreciate the kitty gif (they're super cute but unfortunately I'm allergic...but they're cute!). I will keep at it, and I know it'll work out. Just a matter of time! "So it goes." ETA: paragraphs! ETA2: Whelp, nevermind...
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    You just graduated, so your university is a great resource. You can probably still access their career services department. Also, contact old professors in subject areas related to the kind of work you're interested in, sometimes they get job posting requests or have contacts you can network with. If you think you might like teaching, you could start as a substitute (in many places you don't need a full license for subbing) and pursue your certification if you decide you like it.
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    Okay so I followed y'all advice and looked on found an opening with a publishing/media company who needs an Editorial Assistant! I applied for the job (basically the same job I had at my former job...I really enjoyed the job, but fucking hated the BSC bosses) so we'll see how it goes! Finger's crossed!

    I know it's only my first job app I've done for this go-round of hunting and so statistics of getting a job on the first app sent is unlikely...but hey, why not! Plus it's nice to be able to say "I've started applying" instead of "I need to apply."

    Also, my FFIL has worked in Jax for years so I'm gonna tap him as a resource for people he might know. 

    Actually, my FI JUST texted me and said, "My dad didn't know anyone there. But you don't need the help. You will get it all on your own. :)" {And this is why I love him hahaha}

    Even applying for ONE job has made me much more positive! I hope everyone's days will turn out happy as well! 
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