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So in getting my taxes ready for this year, I noticed a huge problem. The idiot at H&R Block who did my taxes last year made a mistake. In addition to filing the wrong form, she somehow ended up not including any education credits and a host of other deductions.

I blame myself for not double checking all of her work. But still! WTF!?!

I am absolutely livid. Because of her ignorant errors, I ended up paying in $700 but would have received a hefty refund had she correctly filed my papers... Gah!

I would refile, but I'm not sure that I still have all my papers / receipts / forms needed to get my proper return. (I have had to move twice for work, and lost a great deal of important paperwork due to a dry storage unit springing a leak and ruining most all of my things in storage.) I have no idea what to do about it. I'd like to refile, after all that $ would be a huge budget relief for wedding planning. I am absolutely seething!

Never again!

Lesson of the Day: Never trust stupid people to do what you can do yourself.

Rant over... Now back to getting tax forms ready for this year.

Re: Grrrrr!!!

  • You should try to file an amended return. I've never used H&R Block, but I would think they would keep things on file, no? It's worth giving them a phonecall. At the very least they should be able to offer you SOMETHING to make it right.


  • A lot of people save up receipts for deductions and then it turns out that they don't even use itemized deductions, so maybe that was the case with you? A lot of what people think they can write off, they really can't.

    But the education credit is a big one. I think there may be limitations on how many times you can claim the credit, so if you've been continuing your education for a long time or took a long leave in between maybe that is why?

    I've used H&R Block for years, but my returns are quite simple. But I've never had any issues.
  •  H&R block will fully back you if they've made a mistake. It's one of the many things they list on their big signs inside of the building. They should still have record of your file, and if not, you can call Canada Revenue Agency, and they will send you a copy of what was filed last year for free. I would definitely go back, & deal with it a.s.a.p! Personally, I wouldn't have paid the $700 before dealing with the problem. What's done is done though, and I'd be going back & having them fix it for free. (As they advertise). If they don't have a copy of your file there, and you can't find it, they will have the # you can call to get a print of it. 

     Good luck!

  • This is why I hate H&R and other tax places. People assume they're going to a professional accountant when really its just Joe shmoes making $8 an hour. I'm an accountant and looked into it as side work what a fuckin joke. I do all my friends returns for free and they constantly say "can you getme as much as H&R?" II'm like yes dude a tax code is a tax code they don't have any secret loopholes over there. Anyways, absolutely file an amended return whether you have support or not. Most times its not asked for and if it is who cares you're in the same boat you are now so you having else to lose.
    Also a tip always email yourself your tax returns into a tax folder so you always have them for years! Good luck.



  • I scheduled an appointment to do the amendment tomorrow afternoon.

    @jennycolada It would be the first year I claimed education credits. The items I had receipts for should all be deductible as most of the repeat expenses are also deductible this year.
  • My family has had multiple problems with H&R.
  • just be aware, I had Canada Revenue Agency deny my tuition credits, for some unknown reason. Very irritating, as that was nearly $3000 they denied
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