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Finally set a date! Any other 2017 brides hanging about?

HollyIrisHollyIris member
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FI and I have been engaged since the beginning of last year, but I don't want to get married until I'm 25, (not entirely sure why, to be perfectly honest. I feel like 25 is a better age to get married at than 21.) but FI and I set a date this morning; October 5th 2017. So I am doing zero planning until 2015. Anybody else a 2017 bride? Done any planning yet?

Re: Finally set a date! Any other 2017 brides hanging about?

  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    Don't want to rain on your parade but I feel like I need to give a dose of wedding-planning reality to this situation.

    Have you booked your venue for both reception and ceremony?  That's the only way you have really set a date.  Your date isn't set until your venue(s) have your deposit and you're on their calendar.

    Fi and I changed our tentative date two times: once for financial reasons, then because the venue we wanted didn't have the particular day we were planning on.  It's always much easier to find a venue you like if you can be a little flexible about the date.
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  • Well, I say we're doing no planning, but we've actually done a little. We've not paid for anything, but my uncle is a minister, and we're getting married in his church, so he's says he won't need the final date until early 2016, because he only takes bookings 18 months in advance. Our friend is a humanist celebrant, and she's agreed to conduct the ceremony, and she only takes bookings 2 years in advance. And the reception will take place in my grandparents garden/house, so we don't need to book that either.
  • I'm here to brighten your parade instead :) and Congratulations! We got engaged in 2013 and won't be getting married until 2015. We are just now looking at venues and for the past year we have just been loving the new feeling of being engaged.We have been dating for close to 9 years now so  When people ask our wedding date we just reply, " oh you know it'll be another 9 years." It's our way of letting people know it's going to be a while without an explanation. There's nothing wrong with long engagements if that's what you feel is best.:) I can say your style will change A LOT over the next couple years so my advice: don't rush anything! Get a lot of ideas saved, and just look and look. Then when about 14 months away from the weding date comes then start doing the real planning and buying.
  • I completeley agree with both responses. I just got engaged last July, and my fiance and I decided to do something small since we are the ones that are paying and also I'm a college student. So we also decided to wait until I graduate to start planning and what not. I know that at first when we wanted to do a big wedding we were looking and even comparing prices to certain places and seeing how much everything would cost. And I went crazy just looking at ideas and see what we can do and how many options there are. I finally just got overwhelmed so as I said before now we are opting for something smaller that we can afford and still be beautiful. I can't wait to finally set my date, but for now just looking is ok i guess lol.
  • We're having a long engagement since I'm a full time student and don't graduate until May 2015.  We're positive that we're having a small wedding (very close family and friends only...maybe thirty people tops).  And we plan on paying for it ourselves, so we're giving ourselves plenty of time to save up money.  So we might be getting married in 2016 or 2017...who knows :)
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