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Blocking Hotel Room - Food & Beverage Requirement?

I am trying to block hotel rooms but my #1 pick, Omni Royal New Orleans, has a $2000 food and beverage minimum to block off rooms. Before I call a bunch of hotels, let me ask here - is this typical? Do most hotels require you to make other purchases in order to block rooms?

Let me know what you think. Also would love suggestions for places to block. We would like an upscale option and a mid-range option relatively close to the Pharmacy Museum that does not charge these fees if possible!

Re: Blocking Hotel Room - Food & Beverage Requirement?

  • That's the only hotel in the quarter that requires it. We only looked at upscale hotels (Ritz, Monteleone, Roosevelt, Bourbon Orleans, etc), and no one else asked for it. The Omni isn't the best hotel in the quarter and the rooms are small, so I'm not sure why they have that policy.
  • Thank you! That is exactly the info I needed. I appreciate it.
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