Rehearsal Dinner Venue - Fairfield County

I'm looking for a restaurant with a private space that can accommodate 30-40 people in Fairfield, Westport or Norwalk. Thanks!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Venue - Fairfield County

  • highly recommend barcelona wine bar! locations in both ffld and sono.
  • I love Barcelona! Just had my birthday dinner there a few weeks ago. Do you know if the Fairfield one has a private space. I know the Sono one doesn't really have one.
  • the one in sono has a big private space.  i've rented out the big room a few times and it can hold a lot of people.

    ffld has the patio which holds up to 40, and then you can have more if you expand to the bar area.
  • We had our rehearsal dinner at Southport Brewing Company at their Milford location and they were wonderful!  I believe the Southport location also has a private room.
  • We had our rehearsal at Outrigger Restaurant in Stratford. It's right on a marina and they have a private party room upstairs with a balcony and its own bar. It was amazing. 
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