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I guess I should be flattered?

My stepmom called today and as we were chatting she told me that she had a message to pass on. Now, my dad and stepmom's old neighbors have been lobbying for an invitation to my wedding. They first mentioned it to me at my sisters wedding over the summer and it has apparently come up a couple times since. Their latest tactic? They have ASKED to be B LISTED! They will be happy to come if someone else can't! They actually said that! I just don't understand; I've seen them maybe twice in the last dozen or so years and I have absolutely no idea why they want so badly to come. I guess I should just be flattered. I had no idea our wedding would be such a hot ticket!

Re: I guess I should be flattered?

  • LOL. That's funny. You know some people just really, really, really like going to weddings. Someone should start a fake business of hiring actors to play the bride, groom, and wedding party, and sell tickets for people to attend. It could be called "Bridal Balls" or something
  • I think I know two people who would be very happy to work for that service!
  • Ive never understood why ppl want to spend the time, money, and effort required to attend a wedding for someone they barely even know. 
  • I compltely agree! And I didn't even mention this in my OP but they would either have to drive about 7 hours or pay for a flight to get to the wedding. It isn't even local for them.
  • Were you close with them growing up? I mean - all I could see is maybe they saw you through diapers, growing up, high school, went off to college, etc and want to be a part of the day from that perspective?

    And seriously...who ASKS to be B listed? 
  • My thoughts exactly!

    They lived next to my dad and stepmom (and I spent every other weekend with them) from when I was 5 to when I was 12. My folks moved to a new house then and that couple moved a couple hours away about a year later. They've stayed good friends, so I suppose they've kept them in the loop on their kids lives. But I personally was not close with them.

    They were invited to my (step)sister's much larger wedding over the summer so maybe that led to them wanting to be invited to mine? I just cannot figure out their motivation here.
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