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I am getting married at Lighthouse Point Park in September. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me about the actual details of the event. Such as, did you light a path to the bathrooms?, where exactly did you have the ceremony?, how was cocktail hour set up? ...etc. I am a big picture visionary and I am definitely struggling with the details that I need to prepare for! We already have our caterer, DJ, and photographer (all the major things) so now I am focusing on all of the small things!! Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Also, if anyone has rented a food truck, I am interested in hearing how you went about that. We are looking into renting an ice cream truck for after the reception. Thanks!

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  • I'm glad you posted this, because I have these exact same questions! (June 13, 2015 here!)

  • Great! Now we need someone to help us haha. Do you have any suggestion on bakeries in the area? I am working on getting a cupcake tower but I'm not sure where to look! 
  • i went to a ceremony at light house point park it was near the carousel but on the sand the only downside to that was the bathrooms were closed and most of us needed to use them after the ceremony but had to wait till we got to the reception space 15 minutes away  i would make sure your bathrooms are open at all times
  • My sister had her wedding there with the reception in the carousel room. The ceremony was near the carousel on the sand. We didnt have issues with the bathroom, but her wedding was in the summer--not sure if that had anything to do with the bathrooms being unlocked. Something to consider is that we hired an off duty officer for the evening. There were a lot of kids and random people around the beach so he just made sure that everything went smoothly, especially when trying to take pics  on the beach. 

    Good luck! 
  • We're having both ceremony and reception at Lighthouse Point 10/26/14 - that's a great question about lighting to the bathrooms - hadn't thought of that at all. To hyechica81's point - I know the bathroom attendants are a separate line item in the contract - if only the ceremony was at the lighthouse and not the reception, not sure how that works. As for how we're setting it up - honestly I'm leaving it to the caterer. It was really important to us to hire vendors that have been there before - with the carousel venue we didn't want someone figuring out how to make it work on our wedding. He drew up a map of how they usually set it up - I'll take a look for it and post it here if I can find it. What are your thoughts for ceremony location in the fall? I want to do it on the beach right outside but I'm getting push back from some of the WP because it could be cold. I have a strapless dress - but I can suck it up for 15 min for that view!!
  • LHPP is such a beautiful venue! 
    Great! Now we need someone to help us haha. Do you have any suggestion on bakeries in the area? I am working on getting a cupcake tower but I'm not sure where to look! 
    Are you still looking for a cupcake vendor?  There are some fantastic ones in and around the New Haven/Hamden area!
  • I was a BM when my roommate got married there and the best thing she did was hire a DOC because the lady at LPP wasn't around to help with anything.  It was the DOC who told us when it was time to line up for the ceremony and cued the DJ, got us all lined up for introductions, and did a lot of the setup and breakdown.  I wouldn't have the caterers do that because they need to focus on food.  So if you have a little extra money in your budget, just having gone through the whole experience there, I'd say a DOC would be a smart move for you.
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  • I am looking into the Lighthouse Point Park for our reception and possibly ceremony next summer and was wondering the approximate cost of having a reception there (we are planning on approx 80 people), did they provide tables and chairs? Thanks!
  • My best friend just got married there.  They had a few food trucks come through and they were pretty neat.   They also had to hire a liquor company.  Overall, she was pretty happy with the location.  I would recommend a DOC too.
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  • @Mrossignol- It all depends on how long you use the building for- not the number of people. We are having ours there next summer, it will cost roughly 3800 from 5pm-11pm. Yes, it includes table and chairs, however you cannot take the chairs outside the building (cant use them for a ceremony on the beach, etc)

  • Thanks for the info @llikotdesserd!
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