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Woodlawn Beach

I have always dreamed of getting married on a beach and we have fabulous Woodlawn Beach, but the website does not state prices.  We would like to do the ceremony and the reception there.  Has anybody done or been to a wedding there? 

Re: Woodlawn Beach

  • I haven't been to a wedding there but my fiance and I checked it out. Their prices are UNBELIEVABLY reasonable.  We didn't love the lodge (too woodsy/banquet hall-ish) but it might fit your needs better. It was the cheapest place we looked at in the Buffalo area.
  • I'm actually going to have my reception at Woodlawn Beach in about a month. As MarileeFaye said they are INCREDIBLY reasonable. I honestly think its only something like $800 and you get the Lodge for the whole day plus they provide the tables, chairs, and linens if necessary. They also have an option where you can rent out this green lawn area and put up tents. If you rent the lodge, they have specified caterers they'd like to use (at various price points), but if you rent the lawn area you can bring in any caterer if I'm not mistaken.
    There also is a private dressing room and bathrooms inside the lodge.
    The only thing I didn't like was this big wildlife scene on the wall right as you enter the lodge.
    Definitely the most affordable reception venue in Buffalo that I visited!
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