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I'm starting to look at invitations and wanted to make sure I had my budget within range of the norm - or at least what we collectively think is the norm! For those of you who have looked at invites, bought them already, or are completely done with the process is $600 realistic? I'm not planning on pockets, thermogram (whatever that is, I'm sure I butchered it!), letterpress etc. - basically anything fancy. I'm a no frills, simple person. I have budgeted postage separately.

I'm not shopping on the internet though because I like to be able to see things in person and feel the paper - I'm a tactile person! So $600 realistic? 

Thanks ladies!
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Re: Invitations

  • This will depend on how many invitations you need. But for about 100 invitations, $600 sounds like a good amount, especially if you're not going for any of the "extras"
  • I think that is realistic but it really depends on the number of invites. 100 is realistic like pp said.

    As far as not shopping on the internet, I think that will make your budget harder to work with assuming you are implying you will use a stationer? All invitation websites will send you samples, most for free! I would not rule out these options, as you will likely get more bang for your buck and can still touch and feel.

    If by not shopping on the internet you mean you are DIY' ing them then you will easily stay within this budget.
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    Ps I got 125 foil stamped invites, RSVP cards, insert card, hang tags, return address printing(invite and RSVP), guest address printing, extra thick stock (duplex), two side printing, AND special cut border on all pieces from a stationer for $1500.
  • Tulaloo 
    give her your budget and I am pretty sure she will work within it.
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  • I used Jen Strunk - met with her in person to see everything, then got 85 pocket fold invitations with envelope printing and an outer tag closure for $500.
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  • I agree with the person above about ordering samples online, That's what I did from David's Bridal and Wedding Paper Divas. I started looking early, which was good because I order two or three rounds of samples before finding what I wanted. I think it's a good idea, as they are only $1 each even if you want to go to a stationer so you can at least have an understanding of different options prior to arriving.

    I got 100 invitations (with thermography) heavy stock, flat white cards, double envelopes (lined) and addressed through the spreadsheet upload service, with return addresses, 100 RSVP post cards, 100 thank you notes/envelopes for $350. And, they only took regular forever stamps so I didn't have to pay extra postage.
  • mariellas decor in hartford on franklin ave does invites 600 is way to much to spend thats just my opinion i plan on spending at about 200 for invites you get invites for under 300 and save the difference and add it to something else in your budget

  • Thanks everyone for your input. I agree, I'd rather spend less on invites and out the rest somewhere else! @charlotteettier we're did you end up getting yours? Weddingpaperdivas? Did you have the smaller cards too (direction cards?)
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  • @charlotteetier how is that even possible? I looked on wedding paper divas and all those things you mentioned add up to over double the amount you said. Thermography invites alone are $240 for 100, not including liners, printing, inner env, inserts, etc. did you use another site?? I'm sure whatever site you used would be really helpful to those doing invites on a tight budget!! Do you have pics of the result?
  • Sure! I went with David's Bridal and I ordered last fall ... they were having a 50% off sale or something like that. So while it's easy to ignore their tons of e-mails, it does pay to keep an eye on them:
    I have:
    these invitations: (Currently $74.95 for 100, $131 if you get the heavy card stock like I did)
    No Reception Cards (we didn't need them)
    These RSVP Cards: ($54.95 for 100)
    These Thank you cards: (Currently $42.95 for $100)
    I also lined my envelopes, had the return address printed, and uploaded 80 front addresses to have them printed. I'm sure there were a few odds and ends charges (like colored ink as I used navy) but that's it!

    I was very pleased, they are thick cards, the print is raised on both my invitations and RSVP cards.

    Good luck!

    Again, everything was on sale so I paid less than they are listed for.
  • @charlotteetier i love them!  such a great deal!
  • sheslikeasunburn Thanks! Like I said, I also ordered a lot of samples - so I recommend that for everyone. Ones I thought I liked online i hated in person. Give yourself the extra time!
  • Definitely order samples, most websites will send them for free.  We ended up ordering through Jen Strunk and she worked in our budget. We didn't really have anything fancy (no pocketfolds, ribbon etc..) and for i think 80 invites, reception cards and RSVP post cards  plus printing the addresses on the envelopes, we were under $400. 

    Good luck!

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  • I don't know what your style is but I got gorgeous invitations made on The woman's shop is called weddingsundae and she designs them. I paid around $200 for 75 and I get nothing but compliments about them.
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