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Wedding Invite mistake...HELP!

Hello friends!

Somehow, in all the proofing of my wedding invitation, I still managed to miss a horrifying grammatical mistake...

On the invitation, it says:

Together with the families of
request the pleasure of your company
at their marriage
(blah blah blah - rest of invitation goes here)

Now let me put it as a sentence: Together with the families of ________ and __________ request the pleasure of your company at their marriage..."

It should be "Together with their families, ____________ and ____________ request the pleasure of your company at their marriage..."

Do you think that's horrifyingly obvious? We take pride in the amount of education we attained and this is just really embarrassing. Any thoughts on how to fix it? I was thinking a sticker but wasn't sure if that would look cheap. The invitations are beautiful otherwise.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!


Re: Wedding Invite mistake...HELP!

  • Oh and before people suggest I get my money back, technically the proofs were approved. Although, they sent them to my stepmom, not to me. So...there's that.
  • I'm going to be honest, when I was reading the wording I had this face

    I would definitely call the company and talk to them about it even though the proofs were approved (why did your step-mom approve them without showing them to you?). 
  • Yeah, I would notice that, and I'd probably side-eye it, no offence.

    I would also call the company and see what can be done. Why did your step-mother approve them and not you? Who's paying for them?

    The invitations are the first thing people have that give them an idea of what your wedding is going to be like. A careless mistake is NOT the first impression you want to give them.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • I'm so sorry to hear that! I unfortunately noticed it immediately.

    I would not put a sticker over it, for your concerns already. If you have not sent the invitations out, I would see if the company can print you another corrected set on rush order, though I'm 99.9% positive you will have to "buy the invitations again". Talk to the company and see what they can do, but you're right, since they were approved, they have no obligation to helping you fix it.

    I hope this works out for you!

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  • Yeah, you will probably have to pay for a reprint, but I think it would be worth it. Depending on where you had them done there's a chance that they'll work with you a little, like maybe waive the rush fees, or give you a small discount.
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  • I would pay for a reprint before slapping a sticker on the invite to cover up the mistake.  Talk about putting lipstick on a pig.

  • It sounded a little funny, but i didn't realize what was wrong with the wording.
    I hope you can still make changes!
    Good luck!
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  • As long as you are requesting a reprint,

    Together with their families
    Bride's Full Name
    Groom's Full Name
    request the pleasure of your company
    as they are united in marriage

  • I agree with everyone else about not putting a sticker over it. I noticed the error immediately, but, I don't know that everyone will.  But, don't make it worse by covering it up. Either suck it up and pay for a reprint, or just go with what you have.

    Also, talk to the company.  Often, they will give you a huge discount in situations like this. I know someone that had to reorder from vistaprint because she put the wrong year on her invite, and they gave her the reprints dirt cheap.

  • Talk to the company they may be able to help with reprint costs though they will probably not be free. Also CMGr found another line you might consider re wording. You never know how much they will help until you ask. I had a photo book done with shutterfly and forgot to edit the spine from their example. I was delivered a book with someone else's name on it. They sent me a new book free.
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  • I made a mistake on something I ordered from Vistaprint and sent it to the wrong address. They sent out new ones at no charge....even though it was my fault. You never know!
  • I will add that as a guest I probably wouldn't notice the error because I really don't read invites that closely.  I mainly focus in on who the two people are that are getting married, date, location and time.

    The only reason why I noticed it in this case is because you pointed it out to me.

  • Hey, you might want to change your SN if that is your real name. I just googled "SN wedding" and came up with your knot page and your registries. 

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  • Definitely call vistaprint if you haven't already done so!  They have consistently amazed me with their awesome customer service!  I called them when I was making my save the dates, and they helped me to create a custom postcard by using the front of one design and the back of another design.  I was so thrilled that they could do that!  And the rep really seemed like she was trying hard to get me exactly what I wanted.

    I ordered my invitations from them recently, and I was not happy when I received them.  The paper was flimsy and the print quality was not very good, the inks didn't seem to align quite right, like there was a blue shadow beneath the shapes and a pink shadow above the shapes.  I called them, they offered to reprint them for me but I declined, deciding I would rather just print my own DIY at this point.  So they gave me a full refund, and didn't even ask for me to send the product back!

    Your situation is different since it was a typing error on your part, but still, it does not hurt to call them, I have been absolutely blown away by their incredibly customer service every time I have called them.

    Good luck!  And whatever you do, don't do the sticker ;)
  • Get them re-printed.  It won't be a ridiculous cost--it's just the invites.  You don't need all new envelopes, reply cards, inserts, etc.  And even if it is a financial sacrifice, it's worth it.  You'll put that invite in a scrapbook and countless guests are going to receive one. 
  • I'm curious why your stepmother approved them without checking with you or someone else. I had a minor error on my save the dates (an extra comma, not a huge deal) so I wanted to make sure that the invitations were perfect. I had multiple people look at them before I approved them. It never hurts to be extra cautious.


  • I would get them reprinted.Obvious mistakes will make all people embarrassed. There is no shortcut to fix it. Pefect invitation is what you want.Your experience reminded many people.You should check it carefully in the later arrangement.
  • I would call the company and see if you can get a reprint. It's pretty glaring... :(
  • Unfortunately, I did notice the error. :/
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  • I've done worse.

    I sent two STDs to the same house.
    One of them had a different name on them. 


    Don't stress, they are going out to your friends and families :)
    They'll love you whether you decide to get them reprinted or not!
  • wiggsaj said:

    I've done worse.

    I sent two STDs to the same house.
    One of them had a different name on them. 


    Don't stress, they are going out to your friends and families :)
    They'll love you whether you decide to get them reprinted or not!
    Why does everyone insist that if people love you, they'll forgive any wrong? This is just simply not true. Not that a poorly worded invite is a huge thing, but people just need to get that thinking out of their brains once and for all.

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