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Father daughter

Looking for ideas for father daughter dance. Also need son  ideas for groom and mother songs 

Re: Father daughter

  • I'm using "I loved her first" by hartland for father-daughter and "my wish" by rascal flats for mother-son.
  • We're using "I Loved Her First" too :) 

    I also considered Jimmy Buffet's "Little Miss Magic" because my dad has always been a huge Buffet fan, but the fact that my parents are divorced and one of the lines in the song is "Your mother is the only other woman for me" kind of weirded me out. Soooooo didn't go that route. ;) "I Loved Her First" is perfect though!
  • I have no clue what to choose for my dad and I. He adopted me after him and my mom got married, so its been a stumper.
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