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What's still on your list??

My big to-dos that I'm anxious to cross off the list are:
makeup artist

We've met with one baker already and have a consultation with a second this Thursday.  Cake is pretty high on my priority list (MAJOR sweet tooth, here!) so I will be so relieved when we have that figured out. 

Re: What's still on your list??

  • We just booked out car today!  a Vintage Rolls Royce! :)
    Still need: Cake, videographer, hair and make up and bm dresses and guys tux.
  • Still need our DJ, cake, hair and make up, and tuxes. I also have to go over flowers with my BFF's mom (who is a florist and is doing our flowers completely free of charge as a wedding present!!!) soon-ish, so there's a plan in place. I have to buy BM gifts and figure out reception decor as well.
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    Still need BM dresses, all the men's attire, florist (bouquets only). I need to write the script for the officiant since my friend will be performing it. Invitations. Possible wagon for my baby neice and nephew to go down the aisle but it's ok if that doesn't happen. I think that's about it...



  • Still need bridesmaids dresses but we're going shopping for those this weekend. We still need someone to do that cake. Also, we have to get the groomsmen tuxes and flower girl dresses figured out, determine if we need ushers, buy our wedding rings and order the invitations. Finalizing our ceremony details is the most important thing we still have to complete since we're having an interfaith ceremony. After that, there are just a lot of little odds and ends- getting my shoes and jewelry, a guest book, having a hair trial, buying gifts for the wedding party, etc. I'm feeling pretty good about the big things though.
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    We are meeting with a bakery about the cake next week, so I'm glad that will be out of the way.  Other than, we still have to make our centerpieces, invitations, seating charts, make our favors, one of my BM are still in need of a dress and FI hasnt looked into the GM attire.  We have to buy little decor stuff like an aisle runner, cake topper, lights, candles...ect. I also havent decided on a hairstyle for my BMs or for myself.  I need to set up a hair trial soon. I feel like we are running right on schedule though.
  • We have all the major things booked! Still need to shop for and order BM dresses, although the designer and fabric are chosen (all the girls will be in different dresses; one wanted some more time to lose weight before ordering so we're going next month). Guys are going to buy suits (the buy one, get 3 free deal). Save the dates are going out later this week, and the invitations are at the printer! Got the hotel and rehearsal dinner locations squared away this week, and I need to drop the deposit for the bakery in the mail. Everything left can be done over the summer, like assembling centerpiece items, picking music, buying gifts and favors, etc. But everything requiring an actual vendor who needs to be scheduled/retained is DONE. Woohoo!

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    @lolo8383 where are the suits on sale like that?? 



  • @jenna8984 Jos. A Bank. I think right now they're running buy one/get two, but they have the get three deal pretty frequently so FI's not too worried about that. The suits are normally like $800 each so it'll end up about $200 each... more than renting a tux but they'll fit so much nicer and they'll actually have a really nice suit to keep! We're buying them their ties from The Tie Bar - our top two contenders came in the mail yesterday and they're so nice!! :)

  • @acolotti012 you have PLENTY of time on planning the ceremony, reception decor, honeymoon, gifts and suits. Don't freak out! Focus on the things where it matters to schedule the exact vendor you want and not getting stuck with whatever leftovers other people didn't choose - florist, bakery, and officiant. The others don't have as much of a time crunch. There are a bazillion places to rent tuxes, vacations can be planned up to the last minute, dozens of vendors for favors or you could cut them out altogether, and you could run out the week before the wedding and buy gifts. :)

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  • @acolotti012 awesome thing about that is the TASTINGS! Picking the bakery was the best part yet. One of them made us 3 full, 6" cakes to taste and take home the leftovers. A-maz-ing.

  • Big things left:
    - Men's attire
    - BM/Bride accessories
    - Cake
    - Hair/Makeup

  • Got my cake situation covered!! 
    woot woot!
  • Cake, BM's need to order dresses, tuxes for men, block off hotel rooms, pick music/readings for ceremony, finalize flowers with florist, hair salon, bridal alterations. We feel really good about where we are planning wise though :)
  • We need to do everything! The only things we've got taken care of are the photographer is booked, the food is decided on and I have made some decorations. That's it! I'm freaking out a bit.
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