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Newbie Just Engaged! Mexico Wedding

Hi Everyone,

I was just engaged on 2/8/2014 and plan to have my wedding on December 6, 2014 in Mexico - Playa Del Carmen. I am so overwhelmed and anxious with all the planning already that I decided to hire a wedding coordinator that is also owner of a destination wedding cooperative...she works with a bunch of photographers, videographers, makeup and hair stylists, mobile bar, etc. I loved this idea because she works with the best of the best and her mission is to help brides not get ripped off with bad vendors and resort vendor fees. She recommends the vendors that best fits your style.

Anywho, here is my vision....

I want my guests to stay at an AI resort, but I want my ceremony at a beautiful Mexican Chapel...I would have my guests transported from the resort to the ceremony...

I then want to be transported to our venue, which i want to be a private villa or ranch...The reason why i want this is because I do not want to be restricted by the resort rules, fees, and the resort/beach wedding is just not my style. Yes, I know, why get married in Mexico then? I love the idea of a traditional Mexican wedding and it will still be a lot less expensive for us.

My coordinator is recommending a ranch that only works with her company...It is a private location in the jungle with an open area for a reception, pool, jacuzzi, and all the ammenities you would need for the reception. They decorate it, hire staff, chef, etc.

Does anyone know of any beautiful ranch or villa for rent for a recepetion in Playa del Carmen that you can suggest?

Re: Newbie Just Engaged! Mexico Wedding

  • Congrats on your engagement! Your vision sounds amazing! 

    I unfortunately don't have any suggestions for you. It might be helpful to ask your coordinator about other options or to do some research yourself and tell the coordinator what you want.
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