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Hi, my fiance and I wanted to do something different instead of a unity candle or sand ceremony.  We both have an irish/scottish background and I came across handfasting.  Has anyone incorporated this into your ceremony?  If so, how?  I have read a lot about it but have never actually seen it done before.  I think we would only want to do a handfasting verse and not a complete ceremony.  Thanks

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    My friends younger sister did it for her wedding this past weekend, all they did was a verse, and the actual handfasting itself. They had the minister quickly explain the significance of the colours they chose, and it was quite a unique idea. Not something that the FH is interested in, but very unique nonetheless. Just make sure everyone is able to see what is going on
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    I would encourage you to research the subject further, and to discuss it with your officient to make sure they are ok with allowing it.

    Handfasting is not a wedding tradition, it's an engagement ceremony.  Once performed, the couple had one year to decide if they wanted to go through with actually marrying. 

    It is also a tradition that is heavily used by what Christian religions consider to be Pagan cults, so be sure your officient doesn't have an objection to it.

    Also, it's an ancient tradition steeped in culture that deserves just as much solemnity and respect as the next tradition  It is not something to be performed lightly or because it looks cool.
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    I'm also planning on incorporating a handfasting into my ceremony.  Our plan is to do the rings and then the handfasting.  The main thing I'm running into with the handfasting is finding a reading or some sort of verse/vows that would apply to us.  I've seen very religious readings, Pagan readings, and a couple of Wicca readings.  My best advice is to talk to your officiant as much as possible to come up with a ceremony that fits for you.  You can even pick and choose pieces of readings/verses/vows and compile them into the perfect ceremony for you and your fiance.  Good luck!

    Also, I've been doing quite a bit of research and I've found lots of secular vows and whatnot.  If you'd like to read any of them, feel free to e-mail me and I'll send them to you.   Just make sure to include your name and that it's about your post on the knot so I don't mistake it for spam. lol :)
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