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Don't listen to the judgy people

Me and my FI are having a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. He actually chose the theme and since we both love the movie I went along with it.

Anyway for our first dance we will be dancing to the Celine Dion version of Beauty and the Beast. When his mom found out that we were using that song she was upset and was saying how wrong it was and that people would think I was calling her son a beast. I pointed out that her son picked it and she continued on about how people will judge it. Later that day she saw me and FI practicing our dance (it is choreographed) music going and she burst into tears saying how beautiful it is and that she takes back anything she said. Yay win for us.

The point of this post is no matter how different or unique or whatever your ideas are or how judgy people are when they hear your plans when they see them the day of and how happy you are they wont care anymore.

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Re: Don't listen to the judgy people

  • Yeah that's a stylistic choice and that was rude of her to make a stink about it. As long as couples aren't being rude, I think whatever they want is fine.

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    chibiyui[Deleted User]
  •    I just have to say I think it's great you are doing Beauty and the Beast. We are getting married at Disneyland Resort and that was one of the songs we thought about. I think we are doing Chim Chim Cher-ee instead, partly because my Fi had some of the same misgivings as your mom did and he was afraid of being referred to as the beast, LOL. It's a lovely first dance song!

  • I completely agree.  I've been upset with many of the boards because some (not all) people want to get very rude and downright disrespectful to people.  I've cringed as I've read some posts where people actually bully a bride out of an idea she has (that will not in any way inconvenience a soul at her wedding or offend or anything... but it just simply "isn't done") to the point where it seems to me that the bride changes from what she really wanted to do to what everyone else thinks she must do.  While I completely agree with etiquette rules that guide decisions to avoid hurting anyone's feelings or excluding anyone, some personal details of our weddings should not be shamed...if you don't like it then there is a way to politely say "If it were me I wouldn't..." or like Thumper...just don't say anything at all.  Sorry...vent over :)  My sister had a B&tB themed wedding and it was amazing!  She still has the rose in the dome that he gave her at the reception in their bedroom.   I love Belle!  
  • I 've had some of the same problems with other boards on here. If you suggest anything that is out of the box it seems some people jump all over you saying you can't do that it's wrong its rude blah blah blah!!! I think your B&B theme sounds awesome!!! All of my ceremony music is from Muppet Movies lol, when I started telling people I wanted to walk down the aisle to Muppets they looked at me like I was crazy, but I've always been a kid @ heart and so is Fi so our wedding will be really fun & laid back.
  • I'm trying to get used to that as well. The "Oh..." response when people hear about parts of our wedding or when they ask about the dress. MY wedding. OUR memories. Our family thinks our theme is appropriate and we love it, so that's what we're doing
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  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    Maybe my wedding isn't offbeat enough, but I don't think that I've seen any attitute directed towards the genuinely offbeat (and not just rude) wedding ideas.
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