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Wedding Day Agendas and Timelines

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It's official 3 months to go!

I am so excited but I have so much to do. I want to order my favors next week but I am worried that it is too early. I am doing mini bottles of Korbel Champagne.

I also have to get "the small stuff". (Flower girl basket, ring pillow, welcome box treats, etc) Time is going by so fast.

Does anyone have ideas or templates for a wedding day timeline? I am trying to put together the events in my mind and I want to start getting organized with the exact times.

Re: Wedding Day Agendas and Timelines

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    Our timeline is tailored to our venue.

    I'll be getting ready in the afternoon with my sister at a nearby B&B. Hair and makeup should be done by 4:00 so we can get some photos in and take our time getting dressed. We're having a 5:30 ceremony (the earliest we're allow to start) which will finish around 6:00, followed by a 30 min wine tour for our guests. While they're doing that, FI and I will go do an hour of photos on-site. At 6:30, cocktail hour will start and we'll join our guests at 7:00 when our photos are done and mingle for a bit. Then we'll move into the reception area for dinner around 7:30.

    (Also, I have no idea why my font changed. Weird.)

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    Ours is starting early. Me, my mom, and the bridesmaids are getting hair done starting at 7am. When we're done there, we will get the wedding party's cars to reception venue.
    My parents will start shuttling everyone over to the chapel at 1:00. Ceremony is at 2pm.
    Afterwards we are having a horse and carraige take the whole wedding party to a local wildlife sanctuary to get pics done... and then take us to the reception venue :)
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    Our timeline is:

    Salon - 9:00 am (6 girls for hair, make up, and nails)
    Lunch - 1:30
    Finish getting ready - 2:15-2:45
    Pics with my girls - 2:45-3:15
    Relax - 3:15-3:45
    Ceremony starts - 4:00
    Cocktail hour - 4:30 (we will get pics during cocktail hour)
    5:45 - salad will be served
    6:00 - dinner
    7:00 - a couple of toasts 
    7:30 - cut the cake
    7:45 - eat cake
    8:00 - 8:45 - dance, mingle, whatever
    9:00 - hosted after party at villa next to venue

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    The best advice I got for doing a timeline is start backward from the time of your ceremony. I'm having my hair & makeup trial this week, so after that I'll have a better idea of how long it will all take and can then really write up a timeline.



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    Our timeline so has caused me a lot of (unnecessary) stress!

    9:00am-12pm hair for myself and 3 bridesmaids at salon
    12:30-4pm makeup at the condo where we are getting ready
    4:30-5:15 pictures
    6:00-6:30pm ceremony
    6:30-7:30 cocktail hour
    7:30-8:45'ish dinner
    8:45-9:15 first dance, cake cutting and speeches
    9:30 dancing

    I agree with the working backwards concept. Our venue coordinator helped me with everything post-ceremony.
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    Thanks everyone for the ideas! I also like the working backward concept. I meet with the coordinator at the hotel next week and I will make sure to go through all this in detail!

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