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Overweight and need help!!

Back in my younger healthy days I was a stunning size 8.  Then life, car accidents and crazy job schedules caught up with me and now I am a size 28.  I went to a bridal shop yesterday and was completely depressed when I was told that the biggest size they had was a 26.  My wedding is March 7, 2015 and I would like to use a 100 pounds if possible, but I feel helpless.  Any suggestions on what I can do to stay motivated to reach this goal.

Re: Overweight and need help!!

  • I recommend seeing a therapist, weight loss doctor and nutritionist to help set up a plan for you and keep you on track.  Your insurance should cover a decent chunk of this.  Don't go in blind.  Set attainable goals like 2 lb weight loss per week.  Sign up for an online calorie tracker so you know how many calories are being consumed and how many are being expended every day.  You are not helpless; unless you have some sort of severe underlying medical condition, this is totally in your control!  Just enlist support.
  • Start small and try not to let any setbacks discourage you. If you slip up one meal, one day, put it behind you and continue on. Did you know weight loss is 80% from your diet? Keeping track and writing down what you are eating helps keep you honest about how much or how little you are eating. The app My Fitness Pal is one of the best food diary programs out there, IMO. Also, know what a realistic daily calorie intake for you is. This can be found online. Don't think that you should drop down to like 1,000 calories a day...everyone's caloric needs are different. Remember, your body needs fuel (food) to perform vital tasks. Little things like swapping sugar sweetened drinks for water or club soda will result in a big difference pretty quickly. Don't give up on yourself. If you believe you deserve this, there is no one out there who can tell you you don't. Good luck!!
  • I've been thinking that I wanted to drop a few pounds before our engagement for more than a year now and casually going into it did not work at all. Now that we have set a date less than a year out, I've decided I have to get serious (and make a little investment in the process). WeightWatchers is less expensive than you might think (less than $20 a month for the online access). I've watched several friends do the program and lose weight consistently and now I'm giving it a try. 

    It is a lot easier than any other plan where you are watching all the numbers (calories, protein, carbs). All you do is count one thing - points. Their phone app is wonderful and has tons of restaurant foods and a bar code scanner that tells you immediately how many points are in whatever you buy at the store. It may be a great tool to get you started too. (I've watched my friends average 2 lbs a week. Just think at 2 measly pounds a week - in a year that 100 lbs will be gone!).

    Good luck!
  • I use MyFitnessPal and really enjoy it. Think smaller portions and more smaller meals. Also find an activity that works for you. Whether its Zumba, Hot Yoga or going to a regular gym. Don't get discouraged. Is this something FI can do with you? We did instanity together in our living room.

  • I use noom app and I carb cycle (Chris powell’s program from extreme makeover weight loss). Love the noom groups
  • Listen to the cat lady! She knows what she's talking about:

    'this is totally in your control!'

    Just remember that you're the captain of your own body, and you control how much fuel you put in and how much fuel you burn. 

    Good luck, Jen, we're all rooting for you.

  • I second Kris10_nj's advice about starting small. It's going to stick much better if you gradually incorporate healthy changes as opposed to doing a bunch of things all at once. One thing you might try for a week, even before you start working on your diet, is to keep a journal of what you eat and when, taking note of your moods, time of day, etc. Are you eating those M&Ms because you're bored or tired in the middle of the afternoon, or are you actually eating because you're hungry? When you do start to improve your diet, being conscious of why you tend to overeat or make less healthy choices I have never done a strict diet, but I was able to lose weight and keep it off by asking myself questions like, "Do I need this cupcake right now, or do I just want it because it's free food at a staff meeting? If I'm hungry, is there something healthier/more filling I could eat?"  

    Are there any friends or family members who are good role models for healthy eating and exercising? People who would be supportive without being judgmental? You might reach out to a select couple of folks and ask for their support, whether it's being a workout buddy or just someone to help hold you accountable. One of the things a close friend of mine did when she lost 100 lbs was to stop going out to eat with friends so much so she wouldn't be tempted to order fries and pizza; some friends were more understanding about this than others. (Btw, she's now a size 6 and always beats me when we go on runs together!)

    Lastly, any type of exercise you do should be challenging, but it should not feel like a punishment or something you dread--that will just make you more likely to come up with excuses not to. You might try out a few classes or types of exercise before you find something you can stick with. For me, I enjoy running even when it's cold outside or difficult because it gives me a chance to be alone and be outside after a day of teaching and sitting at my computer. Walking might give you some much-needed "me" time. Or, it might just be having something to look forward to immediately after, like taking a hot shower, putting on a cute outfit, and meeting FI for a move. (Exercise gives you a sexy glow!) Think about how you could combine exercise with something enjoyable.

    And can do it! It may not happen tomorrow, or even in a month, but you will see big chances if you stick with it!

  • I definitely agree with thibodea on this one: joining a positive group of friends for workouts can really help out. The encouragement and accountability that come along with fitness groups can work as great motivational tools.
  • I totally understand where you're coming from.  I have also been very heavy, pushing a size 28. 

    Your diet is the most important part of losing weight.  Working out helps, but I wouldn't bother with it until you lose those first 20 or so pounds and hit a plateau.

    I used to weigh 312lbs.  I'm down to 205lbs now, and am still working on getting down to my goal.  I limited myself to 1200 calories a day, knocked out sugars and simple carbs out of my diet. 

    It seems hard, over whelming and DAUNTING but you can do it!  Set small goals for yourself at first.  Go all day without cheating on your diet.  Then go two days, then three.  Then go all week and treat yourself to something nice on the weekend.  Trust me when I say your body WANTS to lose this weight, all you gotta do it try :) 

    If you'd like, I can PM you some food suggestions and a better break out of what I eat on a day to day basis!

    Here are is a progress photo from about 15lbs ago, hopefully they help to inspire you.
    If I can do it, you can!

    Wedding Countdown Ticker

  • I use and it's awesome! The trainers are super motivating and they have so many workouts, it's hard to get tired of them!

  • I recommend starting with weight watchers! I know it's expensive but once you learn how to eat right you are all set.
  • Look into doing keto. It is excellent if you have a lot of weight to lose. Basically, you cut carbs- like all of them- and your body, when deprived of this easily accessible source of energy, resorts to consuming its fat stores. It's a little difficult to start, but I found it incredibly easy to get used to. Plus you can eat bacon and you're still dieting. 
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    Hey all! I'm getting married may 24th, 2015 and did the AdvoCare 24 day challenge to jump start my weightloss and healthier lifestyle. I had fantastic results and loved the products so much I became an independent distributor! It's not a "fad diet" but a lifestyle change. I feel amazing and my energy is through the roof! Let me know if any of you want more information and I can send it your way! Good luck all!
  • I also recommend starting with weight watchers. My fiance' and I both are doing this and have both seen great results only after a month. It isn't necessarily the cheapest thing out there, but they do occasionally have great promotional sales at times. 
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