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Affordable Party Rentals South Florida

I am going to have my reception in October not sure of the location but I am having a hard time finding places that have GOLD square plates or at least Gold rimmed square plates and I really want them for my reception can anyone help??? the wedding will be between West Palm Beach and Miami. Also has anyone been able to find Chiavari Chairs $3.00 or less?? I am also open to Affordable Party rentals that are a GOOD price and not over priced.

Re: Affordable Party Rentals South Florida

  • dolewhipperdolewhipper [wh]orlando member
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    Chairs for less than $3? Good luck, and let me know if you find something. I think Altas is $6 or $5. I chose to buy gold circle charger plates at Michaels for $1.25 each. Keep in mind some venues include chiavari chairs (like mine). The thing that I'm concerned about is you don't know your venue and your wedding is in 8 months? I know in Miami a lot of places are booking for 2015 already.


  • Shannonmaya:
    That's really not kind nor helpful. I'm sure everyone on here is stressed enough with wedding planning, that they don't need MORE stress. As the old saying goes: If you don't have anything nice to say, can you please shut your mouth and not contribute to the mega-stressing, anxiety-ridden roller coaster that is planning a wedding on a budget!

  • dolewhipperdolewhipper [wh]orlando member
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    I'm giving you advice. It's your prerogative to "read" my post how you see fit, but I'm not being stressful. I'm just being honest with you. And honestly, you can get these included in your venue. Why you're concerned with chargers and chairs and not a venue is odd. My venue has chiavari chairs already; why would I waste my time looking for rentals on things I don't need?


  • I was able to get my chiavari chairs with cushions+covers for $3.15 from Hitched. Maybe because I need 250+ chairs
  • I agree with @shannonmaya in the sense you need to solidify a venue first before determining the accessories. You might find that you really love a rustic barn, for example, making the chargers or even chiavari chairs a thing of the past. If you need help finding a venue let us (or me) know. How many people, budget, top 2 cities, type of venue and then we may go from there. 7 months is not too bad if most of your people are in town but just be prepared if your dream venue is booked and your out of town folk can't make it. It's also okay to push the wedding back to the next available open date if you can. I know I did for mine! HTH hun :)
  • My venue "Vista Lago" is a brand new venue opening up at the end of this month. He includes chiavari chairs and has told me I can use anything he has in stock for free since I booked before grand opening. He's a pleasure to work with and the best prices I found when it came to all inclusive packages venue+catering. Catering company is called exquisite productions. Check him out he may still have your date available. Also I've purchases a lot of items for my wedding and my website might have something you'd like: www.rentmywedding.wix.com/miami Send me a message thru my site if you'd like pictures of venue and details on my package price and everything that's included
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