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SoCal Wedding on a budget

Hi! I'm looking for an venue with it all, ceremony & reception site (preferably outdoors vineyard/garden setting), guest accommodations, and no curfew--i would really like for the reception to last at least to midnight. I am located in Valencia and am open to all locations in the southern California area. It looks like we will have 150-200 guests and I am trying to keep it under 20k (the further under the better as we are paying for this ourselves) Any suggestions would be great!!

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    I am in Valencia too! You have a great budget--have you checked Santa Barbara out? There is a place called Riviera Mansion that I think has everything you are looking for. Canary hotel as well in SB. I am sure you won't have any problem finding a place.
  • thank you SO much for all these suggestions!!
  • I'm also in Valencia!
  • I am a Valley Girl too, but about 10-15 minutes from the Santa Clarita Valley! I am getting married at Grace E Simons Lodge in Downtown LA. It's very gardeny and beaitiful. I believe maximum capacity is 200. Deposit is $750. Chairs/Tables included. The only thing you have to bring is your own caterer and decor. But there liquor services are off the chain and affordable.

    Prices are super inexpensive.

    Check the website out!
    Thank you so much for sharing about this place. We are getting married June 2015 and are on a budget and this place seems just great. How many people are you inviting? 
  • I'm in Valencia too ... add to the bunch! Looking at an Sept or Oct 2015 wedding. We just went to Santa Barbara last week to look at the Riviera Mansion that was mentioned above - great price but I think you need to see it. It was cute but we were not overly impressed by it so we crossed it off the list. We wanted to do SB but actually checking out the Hyatt Regency in Valencia - AMAZING price packages! We are probably about 125-150 guests too. If you hear of anything else, please share!
  • I got married in Long Beach Recreational Park. I spent under 10,000. They have beautiful garden to get married with gazebo. I can get you contact information and help you out if you want e-mail me [email protected] 
  • my wedding ended at 1 am.
  • Did you face any issues with Dodger games occurring on your wedding day? How far ahead did you book the venue?
  • found a place! Westlake Village inn in Westlake village for roughly 18k including ceremony site,reception area, food, tables,chairs,and linens and we can stay until 12am!

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