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Accountability partner?

Please forgive me if this is a silly question but what exactly is an accountability partner and how would that work?

Re: Accountability partner?

  • It's someone that keeps you can lie to yourself but you can't lie to your accountability parter :p
  • @JaxPanda

    But how would they know if I am lying or not? Lol. I could tell them whatever I wanted though or am I missing something?
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    This reminded me of accounta-billa-buddy. lol

    @hlvonb - it would be someone to keep you going to the gym and making sure you don't skimp on your work out. The concept is that you cannot lie to them because they will be right there with you driving you to complete your work out goals. Kind of like a trainer but more so a friend that wants to help you meet your goal.

    I don't know of an accountability partner for dieting. It wouldn't work the same as you could cheat on your diet at any time. Although I know trainers who can tell when you still aren't eating right.

  • @PolarBearFitz

    Ok. So it would have to be someone who lived near me then. Makes more sense now. Lol. I was confused because I'm like if I'm in WI and their in TX they have no clue if I am lying or not. Haha
  • Haha, I'm in a Facebook accountability group, of course it's I guess someone could be scarfing down donuts...but it's nice to see other encouraging posts from ppl and posts on their success, I joined a challenge group online that has really helped keep me on track!
  • I'm getting married October 11th. I want to lose 35-45 pounds.

    If anyone wants to be my accountability partner, email me: [email protected]

    @CGrant3 what is the FB accountability group you're in? I'd love to join it. 
  • I would like to join the Facebook group as well @cgrant3
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