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What are everyone's wedding colors?!  How many times, if any, did you change your colors before settling on the ones you chose?  I love hearing different color combinations and why they were chosen :)

We are doing mint green and gray with lavender accents. FI actually chose the color scheme and I loved it.  Originally, I wanted to do navy or a dark royal blue with green. FI wasn't so into it. We looked and looked for different color schemes we both liked.  FI saw wedding pictures of a mint, gray, and lavender wedding while at work one day, showed it to me that evening when we were both home, and we both loved it :) I will say though, I am struggling a bit with finding things in mint.  Stores either don't have things in mint, or if they do they are sold out, but its gotten better now that it's closer to spring :)

Re: Colors!!!

  • I've been obsessed with my aqua color since the beginning of time. The only tough thing was deciding which designer's version I liked the best. I actually really wanted J Crew's "Dusty Shale" but I heard the dresses weren't very accommodating to in the chest region, and most of my bridesmaids are on the bustier side. Fail. So Alfred Sung "Fresh" it is! There's not really another "main" color... my dress is champagne/ivory, and we'll have ivory, peachy pink, yellow, gray and aqua in the bouquets and centerpieces. I'm going to make silver and gold faux mercury glass vases and votive cups for the tables.

  • We are doing sage green, ivory and black with some lavender accents. I have a weird love of stationary and the invites we selected were actually the inspiration for our color scheme; they're the monogram stripe invites from Wedding Paper Divas. The lavender was added since I wanted just a little more color.

    The groomsmen will be in black tuxes and the BMs in sage green dresses (that we will hopefull find this weekend). If we have ushers (still trying to figure that out) the plan is to ask them to wear black suits and then we'll spring for a green necktie. My BMs will carry baby's breath bouquets and the table linens will be ivory with green and lavender centrepieces. I'm also thinking about getting either green table runners or just squares of green cloth to put the centrepieces on to pop a little more color.

    The huppah that fiance and I both prefer is white rather than ivory but I don't think that's a huge deal.
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    Royal blue, black, white, and silver. It was very easy to decide... it's based on my ring!
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  • Purple has been my color since I can remember.  As a baby my mom always dressed me in purple over pink.  I decided to go with Aubergine (Eggplant) for the girl's dresses because it is an evening wedding & fall.  Also, some shades of purple are like shockingly bright.  The rest of the colors are deep pink & orange.  The whole inspiration came from the beautiful colors of sunsets. 
  • Sapphire blue and silver with pink accents. I love stargazer lilies, so that's the main pink accent!
  • Our colors are Navy, Coral, Grey and Ivory,.  I have changed my colors about 4 times.  I work for a party rental company so I meet brides everyday and make mock tables so the first few months of my engagement I couldn't stay with one set of colors.  Once I picked our colors I made a mock table, kept it up for a week and then have no plans to pull it out again because i dont want it to get old to me :)
  • Still not entirely sure, but Blues/Navy, soft yellow, white, silver - but our BM's are wearing black. 
  • im a purple girl! our wedding is a Saturday night and formal so my girls are wearing black.  My dress is an pearl color and i thought black would look pretty next to it.  Our scheme is basically black and ivory with purple.  The purple will be in the bridesmaids flowers, the flowers on the tables and we are having purple uplighting in the room. Our tables will have black table clothes and ivory napkins.. we are going to have a lime green band around the napkins.  

    check out this site! it's pretty cool to see different color combos. 
  • We are going with red and blue, either light blue or more of turquoise. Red rose boquets with white and maybe blue hydrangeas. BM will wear blue dresses with red shoes and sash, GM will wear black dresspants and red shirts.
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    We have been going back and forth. We always knew we wanted the men in grey suits, we do not like black or tuxes. For the girls, we were just thinking some shade of green/ mint/ teal. Had planned on mint dresses but weren't really set on it. I have 2 bridesmaids and 1 of them has to buy a teal dress for her brother's wedding the weekend before mine. So I was kind of thinking I should just go with teal and let her wear that dress but I wasn't sure. Then I happened to find the perfect heels I wanted to wear in teal, and my mother asked me out of the blue if she could wear a teal dress. So I decided hell with it- 3 of us have teal items that we want to wear, it's just easier to give in and go with it rather than trying to force mint. 



  • We are doing mint, pale pink, ivory and gray. Guys will be in gray tuxes, girls in mint dresses and my dress is ivory.
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    I don't have any specific hues.  I'm doing a watercolor wedding, so we're utilizing various shades of blues, teals, greens and purples.
    BM dresses are teal, my cake will be painted blue and purple, the tables will be alternating purple/lime green and purple/turquoise.
    Sounds crazy when I write it out but it actually all works together.

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  • Plum, wisteria, with accents of champagne.
  • We settled on our colours pretty early. Ours are Black, White, and Red. The Red is mainly an accent colour, as we didn't want different colours of red competing against each other. I could just imagine myself trying to match all the different shades of Red.
  • Navy, sage, yellow pops and ivory

  • I'm doing a Navy/Blush/Silver with pops of coral...rustic theme for an outdoor ceremony and reception. The girls will have Navy dresses and the guys will be in Gray suits with Navy vests and ties! It'll look something like this...

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    I've FINALLY settled on colors for the wedding. Our centerpieces are going to be green apples in vases with white hydrangeas on tops. To add a little color to that, I'm going to have navy blue overlays on the table and put a navy blue ribbons tied with a bow around the vases. FI will be in a gray suit and he already wanted a blue tie with it so hopefully I can convince him to get a navy blue tie. My bouquet will be very colorful (haven't met with the florist yet but FI's gotten me a ton of flowers from them before and they know what he likes/I like to get so I'll let them kind of take the lead). Other than that, I want to keep everything as neutral as possible. No bridal party so no need to worry about coordinating colors for that.
  • Plum and wisteria with very subtle hints of champagne.
  • I'm doing Sunset Orange from Alfred Angelo and cobalt blue,  we chose orange for our fall season and blue as this is FI favorite color.
  • We are doing Aqua and Purple, with black and charcoal accents, no white other than my dress.
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  • We are having a Campground Wedding so lots of great natural colors.  Decided on Champagne and Grey with a touch of yellow.  
  • Seafoam green and pale yellow. We are having a beach wedding. :)
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  • We are having biscotti, champaign neutral colors and red...
  • Lavender and White - and I think I've changed my mind at least 16x before finally purchasing things in these colors :)
  • We are an outdoors couple having an indoor wedding lol. My girls dresses are in navy along with my accent linens with my flowers being a mix of red, yellow and orange. Our reception is going to have a "camping" theme since its an acitivity we love to do together all our tables are going to be named after Lake's we've camped at and the center pieces are going to be camp fires with the flowers acting like the fire.
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  • Coral, succulent green, and gold.
  • We are going with Grey and Orange...very simple and natural, so there are also natural hues in the twine, burlap, sticks and pinecones I will be using.  The base color will be grey:  the tuxes are a very deep grey with variable combinations of orange patterned vests, ties and bowties.  The BM dresses are a slightly lighter tone of grey and will be pewter crinkled chiffon, varying styles of the same length.   The linens will be grey, with some tables having a burlap table runners (I am thinking about deciphering the wedding party/family tables with that detail??).   Most of the orange color will come in the flowers that will likely be orange Gerber daisy's, Zinnias or asters.  The venue is a gorgeous room but with massively tall ceilings.  This is why I decided to go with simple decorations of color and nature, because to make any kind of significant impact with decorations, one would have to be excessive, so I am hoping that the minimalist orange will really pop out.  However, I AM a bit worried because the room is carpeted in this blue "wave" like carpet.  Hoping that doesn't stand out too much against my theme colors. 
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