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August 2014 Weddings

Why dont people RSVP???

I'm planning a destination wedding in St. Thomas and I need a hard head count. I've created a Facebook group (private of course), I keep up-to-date travel information on our wedding website and I've done two (2), count 'em (2) two mailings.

Can anyone suggest what else I can do? Which I already know most of you may say, "...pick up the phone and call them".

I don't want to be rude and say no RSVP no open bar, but isn't that the reality of it?!? #notabridzilla

Re: Why dont people RSVP???

  • It sucks you have to know so far in advance. Maybe people are just not able to commit yet.

    Are you opposed to calling?

  • If you have a certain hotel blocked, can you ask the hotel how many have reserved rooms? People might still be figuring out the best travel deals and not ready to commit. Is the issue that your venue needs a head count for the food and bar already, or are you trying to get an earlier idea of the cost before the venue requires your count? It might be too early to start calling people and they might say no if they feel they have to commit at this time even if they are still considering it.
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