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I generally do not watch the news but I have been following the story of Hailey Owens since the amber alert went out last night. I am so heart broken and sick to my stomach over what that monster did to her. She was a year older than my little girl and I just can't fathom the thought of ever going through that. It so sad that we live in a world where are kids can't even walk a block to their friends houses.

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Re: Heartbroken

  • pinkshorts27pinkshorts27 Oregon member
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    I am so mad at you for making me google that. That is sooo sad.

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  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    I refuse to Google because I take the news way too personally.  But just know... as a (former, but always in my heart) teacher and older sister, my blood is boiling for whatever monster did something terrible to a little girl.
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  • SmileDamnitSmileDamnit Mile High City member
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    Awful. Just awful. Reminds me a bit of the Jessica Ridgeway tragedy in Colorado in 2012. Horrifying and heartbreaking.
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  • I'm so sorry! More details have been released all day and someone posted the legal documents from the police with more details than I cared to know and just lost it. I just don't understand how people can have so much evil in them. Quite a few people have stated there was no one way this was his first time and he worked in the schools!
  • so sad; I was just about to google it when I saw it on the news just now :( Would rather save myself the details. What the F is up with people these days!!?

  • I don't understand grown men who want to hurt children.  I just hope he did kill her quickly so she didn't have time to be terrified for long.  :(

  • It's horrible. I hope he gets his in jail.
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  • blabla89blabla89 Atlanta member
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    My heart is broken for this precious little girl's family. I can't imagine what they must be going through. I couldn't bring myself to read the details either, but I saw that it happened not too far from my hometown - where the community is still shaken by the murder of another little girl who was just walking in her neighborhood. It disgusts me to think that there are people out there who would do that to an innocent little kid.
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  • I refuse to google this story.  I teach K and though 5/6 year olds can be trying sometimes, I just can't even fathom WHY someone would do anything to children.  Blissful ignorance is my preference.  My heart goes out to their family.
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  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    Omg. I wish I hadn't read that. 

  • Bless her heart, and her family.

    What a sick, sick world we live in. :(
  • I'm not even going to look it up. I have two kids and putting them in a bubble sounds better and better.

  • what can someone POSSIBLY get out of kidnapping and harming a child in any way, especially killing them.  Seriously, what is there possibly to gain?  It is just so horribly sick. 
  • I finally read the news article about her this morning at work. My heart felt like it dropped. My heart is just breaking for her family. :( As a mother, the pain...I don't know how to explain it. Her parents...gosh. I just want to give them a hug.
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