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Ugh...can I vent?

I'm annoyed, so so annoyed! My first shower is Saturday and I'm not annoyed by that at all :) actually really excited. What I'm so supremely annoyed about is the fact that two people haven't RSVP'd. I met these girls through FI. They are married to his best friends. I was a BM in one of their weddings. We don't have a lot in common other than the fact that all of our guys are close, so as a result, we've all spent a lot of time with each other. They are kind of immature and always refer to our group as "besties". So since we see them all very often, I told them the shower date as soon as I found out from my MOH. I know they got their invites and RSVP's were due on sat. My MOH reached out to both and asked if they were coming. One responded that she was waiting to find out her sister's work schedule and the other just hasn't responded at all. I am so incredibly angry that they'd be so inconsiderate. Ugh! So I'm venting!!

On a side note, I know who my real friends are since they'll all be coming!

Re: Ugh...can I vent?

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    I hate, hate, hate when people don't RSVP. It is seriously very annoying. It takes one minute to check your schedule, pick up the phone, and leave a message for someone. How do you not know if it's in two days if you can go or not? 
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    And how is it that if you forgot to RSVP per the invitation you just continue to ignore my MOH's request to know if you're coming?! Grr! I'm seriously so peeved that I cannot bring myself to be around them right now.
    I soooo want to call them out on this the next time I see them. I will try my best to refrain and be a lady. :)
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