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Hi brides! I am in southern CA, looking for a place to host our engagement party. My sisters and I have been searching for restaurants that can accommodate approx. 80 people. The engagement party is on the large side because the wedding is out of state and not everyone can attend, including family members. I understand it is proper etiquette to only invite those who are invited to the wedding to any other parties. All of these people are invited to the wedding, but I have already been informed by many of them that they will not be able to come and we would all still like to celebrate together. Anyone have any suggestions for restaurants in the inland empire area that are reasonably priced ($20-30/person) or great caterers? Thanks!

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  • @saysomethingsweet
    I had my engagement party at South Coast Winery in Temecula,CA. It was roughly $25 a person and was in a beautiful room, all by itself. The food was delicious. The only con was there was no wine included which seemed weird to me... There's a picture below of what the room looked like,

    I'd love if you followed my blog and left a comment, I may post about the engagement party too since it seems like something people are interested in! I'd love to hear what you end up doing.
  • @saysomethingsweet we also brought in our own flower arrangements which really helped bring the tables to life. and wine cork place card holders too!
  • Thanks for the great suggestions! We have actually had a change of plans, which I think is working out for the better. We are no longer having a large engagement but rather a small one with our parents and our chosen bridal party. I love your blog and signed up to follow!
  • @saysomethingsweet Thanks for following! I love the idea of a small engagement party, the more intimate the better! We are trying to keep our wedding intimate and small, hopefully 125 people. Did you guys pick a date yet? 
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