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Dad/Step-dad, Need a creative solution

After a lot of searching, I've only found a couple solutions to this dilemma. Having dad and step-dad both walk the bride down the aisle or each do half-way.  But neither feels right for me and I'm looking for a creative solution. I love both dads equally but my step-dad doesn't want to steal the moment from my real dad and I don't think either of them would be comfortable walking me at the same time.  I don't feel like the half-way idea is right for me, even if they wouldn't mind.  How can I give them equal roles without stealing important moments from either. There may not be a solution I'll feel great about, but I'd appreciate any ideas.

Re: Dad/Step-dad, Need a creative solution

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    1. Ask them if they would be okay walking you down together (if you're okay with that).
    2. Dad walks you down, Step dad reads a special passage / poem
    3. A special dance for step dad (as well as dad).
  • Or just walk down yourself
  • I would have your dad walk you down the aisle, personally. Then give your step dad a dance later in the evening. If you are going by the traditional stuff. They might both feel awkward trying to hand you off mid walk. Have them stand together if possible, upfront or something. Depends on the relationship. 

    I despise my stepdad, and my mom wants me to give him a dance at the reception. I don't even particularly want him there, but I guess I have to be nice. 

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    I would just walk by yourself then.. Or do you have a brother? Maybe an honorable mention to both dads or something at some point. Dances with both?

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  • What about just having your father walk you down the aisle? It doesn't mean you love your step father less.

    At the reception, you could have a dance with your father... and you can also have a dance with your step father later too.

    Your step-father will have an important role just by being there with you. It sounds like from what he's already said to you, that he won't feel left out. He seems to understand.

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