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Wedding Gown: Amelishan DThey have a large variety of dresses, with plus sizes, and that's the only positive thing I can say about it. I went the first time and the lady was nice, not pushy or anything, I found my dress and ordered it and from there on out, they were awful. I went again to have bridesmaids try on dresses and no one helped us at all, they showed us the dressing rooms and left. I saw them at a bridal show and one of the ladies was SOOO rude to me I couldn't believe it. They don't have the tags in the dresses so you have to do a lot of investigating to figure it out. I'm lucky that I'm a bit wedding obsessed and found every dress me and a friend tried on there, if you're willing to do that, try them on there but don't buy a thing from them.Bridesmaid dresses: Savvy Bride A+++Wonderful, amazing and everything great. I never had a bad experience, they were always nice, helpful and FUN! They give you good advice and have a lot of knowledge. I wished I would've gotten by wedding dress from them. Only problem was that they sized the girls for a dress too small, for some reason all of my girls chose to not listen and went up a size but their dresses were all just fitting at the size up. Part of that could be Bill Levkoff??Flowers: Magnolia Floral Shoppe A+++they used to have a shop downtown Oconomowoc but now Kristin does it out of her home in Hartland, she had great prices, worked with my budget and great ideas. She also offered great advice since I know nothing about flowers. The flowers were beautiful the day of and they lasted all day.DJ: Complete Productions A++++++He was UNBELIEVABLE! We walked into the reception hall and he handed both me and my husband glasses of water. He got us, including the whole head table, drinks throughout all of dinner, almost like a personal waiter! He had someone bring a projection screen when I misunderstood the venue, he checked in with us a few times to make sure things were going well and he played good music the whole night. The dance floor was packed from start to finish of the night. He also talked about fading songs out if the dance floor cleared, which often isn't said, and would change things up whenever we wanted to throughout the night. He was the best DJ I have ever seen and worth every single penny we paid.Venue: Seven Seas B+The location is beautiful and the food was phenonomal. The thing I wanted most for the reception was how the place looked, and the view is awesome. We also took pictures out back.Our contact person was easy to get ahold of but not always nice when talked to. I called a few times with questions and she was very short and seemed in a hurry when I talked to her. She also left me a rude voicemail when she didn't receive a final count from me, because she didn't give me their fax number. She also told me that all I needed for a slideshow was the computer to hook up, she never told me they didn't have a projector for it and I needed to have that as well. Our DJ got one and he played it on the ceiling of the dance floor, which was actually very cool.We also had 3 wedding crashers and nothing was done about it. I escorted them all out on my own, as soon as I saw them I took care of it and they just apologized.Tuxes: Men's warehouse BThere were a few mistakes with pick-up locations and a few alterations needed but they made sure everything was right for the wedding. Luckily the pick-up locations weren't too far apart and ended up working out. They made a fuss about a vest for a larger groomsman but did do what we asked them to do. Very convenient for all, which is why we chose them from the start.

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