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Hello MN brides!! I just recently got engaged & am trying to decide when our wedding should be. My fiance and I are thinking of either April or June of 2015. I'm leaning toward April, but one thing is halting my decision. Pictures are my life - I always have my camera with me and love documenting every moment of my life. The wedding photos are something we'll be looking at for the rest of our lives so I want them to be amazing. We all know how temperamental MN's weather can be. Have any of you had April weddings? What was the weather like? If you did outdoor pictures was the landscaping all brown? Any suggestions for outdoor photos in April? Any information/suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    I had a friend get married last April 13th (2013) and it was snowing. I don't think you can assume it will be green grass if you can see grass at all and the flowers won't really be blooming, even if it is an early spring. If outdoor photography/scenes are important to you, you're probably better off going with June.
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    I live in Duluth, but am from the cities! In the cities the weather tends to be a little warmer, maybe rainy in April. In Duluth it is still snowing in April sometimes... sooo I personally would go with June, but April could still be a pretty spring month! Just so unpredictable.
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    There could very well still be snow on the ground in early April- there was when I first moved here. Plus it's March right now and there are still FEET of snow on the ground and subzero temperatures at this point, so I really wouldn't want to have my heart set on nice outdoor pics a month from now. I'm getting married in MN in June so join the dark side! Or maybe go for May as a compromise? 

    Edit: there are some cool outdoor spaces though, like the Como park conservatory. It's surrounded by plants and glass so it looks outdoors and should be great for pics, but just in case...
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    It would be better to get married in June. Because last year it snowed even in May.

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