Suggestions for bridal stores/designers? I'm looking for a blush colored dress

Hi, I'm still really new here but I wanted to see if I could ask for some advice.  FI and I haven't started planning yet, we're still in the stages of gathering ideas for what we think we would like.  I'm positive I want a blush colored bridal gown.  My mother wore a blush colored, short dress when she married my dad.  Unfortunately, the dress doesn't come CLOSE to fitting me (it's at least four sizes too small) and it's short.  I would like a long dress, but in a blush color.  Does anyone know any stores or designers that have a descent selection of blush/pink bridal gowns? 

Also, any overall suggestions for bridal stores in the area?  I was really interested in setting up an appointment with one boutique...but they don't offer alterations in store.  Is that a deal breaker?

Finally, how far in advance should I purchase my dress?  We know our engagement will be relatively long, but I have a feeling it could take a while to find the perfect blush colored gown, plus alterations.  Suggestions?


Re: Suggestions for bridal stores/designers? I'm looking for a blush colored dress

  • I believe Lazaro has a blush color option right now.
  • Vera Wang White collection at David's Bridal has at least 3-4 dresses in blush last that I saw.

    You can get alterations anywhere, doesn't have to be attached to the boutique.  I suggest Kim Dao Alterations, she did my dress.


    You should order your dress at least 6 months ahead, but closer to 9 months would be best.

    Also on that note, brides are all over the dress and sometimes forget the tuxes.  If you're renting your tux, I would call your tux rental place at least two days before to double check and read off the measurements one last time.  We went with Men's Warehouse in Kenwood (don't recommend them) and they got some of the tux sizes wrong.  DH had to get an immediately replacement at another store and we missed family portraits because of it because the ceremony started at 11 AM.
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  • definitely check out Amanda's Hyde Park Bridal! she has amazing dresses and it's just fun to go!
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